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Xojo Books

Community Resources

This is a list of valuable community resources that can also help you learn Xojo.

Item Type Description
Scientific Specialties Books eBooks Books by Eugine Dakin, including Threads and Timers, MemoryBlocks, Declares, and more.
xDev Library eBooks A library of eBooks in a variety of Xojo topics.
xDev Magazine Magazine The Xojo magazine has been publishing 6 issues a year since 2002. A great source for Xojo information, tips and long-form articles on a wide variety of Xojo topics.
KubaDownload Tutorials Tutorials A variety of Xojo tutorials.
Xojo 3D Tutorials Tutorials provides Xojo software engineers with 3D programming resources.
Xojo by Example Tutorials Xojo by EXAMPLE is intended for beginning Xojo users. Discover Xojo by exploring simple projects demonstrating features that you can copy into your own Xojo projects.
BKeeney Software Training Videos Access BKeeney Software's Xojo Training anytime. Create an account to get your free Guest Pass and start watching over 8 hours of Xojo video in just minutes. Subscribers have access to over 50 hours of video!.
BKeeney Xojo Trainer Videos Xojo Trainer is a macOS and Windows application that gives you high quality Xojo videos, with over 55 hours of content, along with over a hundred project files with source code you can use in your own projects.
MonkeyBread Software Tutorial Videos Videos Demos on how to use MBS plugins with Xojo.
Xojo YouTube Channel Videos A wide variety of Xojo videos and webinars (including international videos) are hosted on YouTube. You can also find and search many of the videos here in the Xojo Dev Center Videos section.