2021r2.1 Release Notes

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This release has important improvements to Xojo 2021r2.

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Release Notes

65310Build Pipeline (IDE)Post-build build steps run before the ad-hoc code signature step on macOS builds again.
65408Build Pipeline (IDE)The Linux IDE can build 64-Bit Windows apps again.
65367Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionTrying to go to a line number from the Go To Location dialog on an item that doesn’t have line numbers no longer crashes the IDE.
65391Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionFix a nilobjectException in autocomplete
65347Framework » WebFixed a regression which caused WebListbox selected rows to have the original unsorted values regardless of how the list was sorted.
65346Framework » macOSFixed a regression which caused the Slider control on macOS Big Sur to be positioned incorrectly and not visible when placed within another control.
65283IDE » Auto CompletePicture.Graphics autocompletes properly again.
65345IDE » Auto CompleteAutocomplete handles more situations where properties have the same name as classes.
65495IDE » Auto CompleteImplicit instances of WebPages autocomplete properly again.
65342IDE » Build AutomationFixed a regression which prevented the Copy File Steps in macOS Universal Console apps from working properly.
65352IDE » Build AutomationFixed a regression which caused post-build build steps from running for macOS Universal builds.
65329IDE » Code EditorCode folding indicators now scale with font size and the hit area is accurate with large font sizes.
65339IDE » Code EditorFixed several regressions regarding block matching of for-next loops.
65340IDE » Code EditorImproved handling of up/down arrows when code is selected, particular when code has been selected with the keyboard. When selection was extended (with the keyboard) to the left, up/down arrow moves to line above/below positioning near the start of the selection. If selection was extended to the right (with the keyboard), up/down arrow moves to the line above/below positioning near the end of the selection. Moving back to the original line should also position the cursor better.
65418IDE » Code EditorDisplay standard mouse pointer when the cursor is over the code editor gutter area.
64974IDE » Find & ReplacePressing the DELETE key in the find field no longer clears the field.
16 Bug Fixes


65237Database Plugins » PostgreSQLPostgreSQLDatabase: updated libpq client library to version 13.2 on Linux to match Windows/macOS.
1 Changes