Reserved Words

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A reserved word may not be used as identifiers for your own variables, objects, event definitions, methods, etc.

In addition, do not use the underscore ("_") as the first character of an identifier.

Note that data types are not reserved words.

#Bad #Else #Elseif #Endif #If #Pragma #Tag
AddHandler AddressOf Aggregates And Array As Assigns
Async Attributes Await Break ByRef ByVal Call
Case Catch Class Const Continue CType Declare
Delegate Dim Do DownTo Each Else ElseIf
End Enum Event Exception Exit Extends False
Finally For Function Global Goto Handles If
Implements In Inherits Interface Is IsA
Lib Loop Me Mod Module Namespace New
Next Nil Not Object Of Optional Or
ParamArray Private Property Protected Public Raise RaiseEvent
Redim Rem RemoveHandler Return Select Self
Shared Soft Static Step Structure Sub Super
Then To True Try Until Using WeakAddressOf
Wend While With Xor