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Property (As Point )
aRect.Origin = newPointValue
PointValue = aRect.Origin

New in 2019r2

Supported for all project types and targets.

The upper left coordinate of the rect.

Sample Code

This example is in the MouseDrag event. The position of the Rect being dragged is updated via by reseting the value of the Origin property.

// Update our mouse position.
mouseposition = New Point(x, y)

// If we're actually dragging something, move the rect.
// We update the rect's origin with a CLONE of the mouse position,
// because MousePosition is an instance of the Point class.
// Without the clone, when we call the offset function, we'll also update
// the MousePosition property, since both DraggingRect.Origin and MousePosition
// would point to the same variable.

// The offset function shifts the rect. Positive for right/down,
// negative for left/up.

If draggingrect <> Nil Then
draggingrect.Origin = mouseposition.Clone
draggingrect.Offset(mouseoffset.x, mouseoffset.y)
End If

// refresh, without erasing the background