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PrefsMenuItem is designed to handle the Preferences menu item for Mac OS X applications. A menu item derived from the PrefsMenuItem class is automatically moved to the application menu under Mac OS X (or the REALbasic menu when running within the IDE). Under other operating systems, such a menu item stays where you put it in the Menu Editor.

Super Class


Since this class is based on MenuItem, please refer to this class for information on its Properties, Methods, and Events.


This class is for creating the Preferences menu item for applications that will run on Mac OS X. Create the menu item under the menu that you want to use for the Windows and Linux builds and then use the Properties pane to change its super class to PrefsMenuItem. Otherwise, set up the menu item normally. In your Mac OS X build, it will magically move to the built application's menu.

According to Apple user interface guidelines, x-, (comma) is the recommended keyboard shortcut for an application's Preferences menu item.

See Also

AppleMenuItem, MenuItem, QuitMenuItem classes.