Picture.Constructor(width as Integer, height as Integer, bitmaps() As Picture)

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Picture.Constructor(width As Integer, height As Integer, bitmaps() As Picture)

New in 2015r4

Creates an Image from one or more Bitmap pictures.


Exception Reason
InvalidArgumentException Raised if:
  • width or height are less than or equal to zero.
  • any of the bitmaps isn't actually a picture with Type = Picture.Bitmap.
  • if any of the bitmaps aren't the same aspect ratio as width and height.
  • if 'bitmaps' is empty.
NilObjectException Raised if:
  • bitmaps is Nil.
  • any of the bitmaps are Nil
OutOfMemoryException Raised if there is not enough memory to create the picture, which can happen with 32-bit apps.


The height and width are in points. The bitmaps are copied upon creation. All bitmaps must have the same aspect ratio. A bitmap's DPI will be calculated from the point size and the bitmap's size in pixels. Pictures created using this constructor have their Type set to Types.Image.