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The various system-provided buttons types that also provide an icon.


Enum Description
Action Uses system icon to indicate an action.
Add Uses system icon to indicate an add.
Bookmarks Uses system icon to indicate a bookmark.
Camera Uses system icon to indicate the camera.
Cancel Uses localized text for "Cancel".
Close The system close button.
Compose Uses system icon to indicate a new document.
Done Uses localized text for "Done".
Edit Uses localized text for "Edit".
FastForward Uses system fast forward icon.
FixedSpace Adds a fixed space for separating icons.
FlexibleSpace A flexible space that pushes icons on the right all the way to the right edge of the toolbar.
Organize Uses system icon.
Pause Uses system icon.
Play Uses system icon.
Redo Uses localized text for "Redo".
Refresh Uses system icon.
Reply Uses system icon.
Rewind Uses system icon.
Save Uses localized text for "Save".
Search Uses system icon.
Stop Uses system icon.
Trash Uses system icon.
Undo Uses localized text for "Undo".


For pictures and details regard each type on iOS, see Apple's documentation.

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