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Property (As String )

aKeychainItem.AccountName = newStringValue
StringValue = aKeychainItem.AccountName

Supported for all project types and targets.

Contains the name of the account (required for adding, can be Nil to find).


This example sets the value of the AccountName field in a TextField on the form.

Var kc As Keychain
Var kci As KeychainItem

kc = New Keychain(Listbox1.SelectedIndex)

If kc <> Nil Then
kci = New KeychainItem
kci.ServiceName = SearchField.Value

PasswordField.Value = kc.FindPassword(kci)

ServiceNameField.Value = kci.ServiceName
AccountNameField.Value = kci.AccountName
CommentField.Value = kci.Comment
LabelField.Value = kci.Label
End If