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Indicates if the contextual mouse button has been clicked. It is True if the contextual button has been clicked and False if not.



Part Type Description
result Boolean True if the contextual mouse button has been clicked and False if it was not.


A contextual click varies depending on platform and user settings. Most often it is done by right-clicking the mouse. On macOS, a contextual click is also triggered by holding the control key down while left clicking.

Generally speaking, if you want to show a contextual menu, you should use the ConstructContextualMenu and ContextualMenuAction events to row contextual menus.

IsContextualClick is useful in the MouseDown event to check for a contextual click when you are not intending to display a menu.


To display an existing menu, you should use the Clone method as in this example:

If IsContextualClick Then
Var m As MenuItem
m = EditMenu.Clone.PopUp
End If

See Also

MenuItem, ConstructContextualMenu, ContextualMenuAction