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Shared Method

Integer.FromText(theText As Text, Optional locale As Xojo.Core.Locale) As Integer

Supported for all project types and targets.

Converts a text form of a decimal number to an Integer. Specify a locale to convert thousands separator.


If no locale is specified, then Locale.Raw is used.


  • Xojo.Core.BadDataException when theText contains anything other than an integer (including when it is empty). Use Parse if you need to parse text that might contain non-numeric data or might be empty.

Sample Code

Convert a number in text to an integer:

Var value As Integer
value = Integer.FromText("42") // value = 42

This code converts a number using the US locale:

Var locale As New Xojo.Core.Locale("en-US")
Var value As Integer
value = Integer.FromText("1,234", locale) // value = 1234

You can also use an exception to catch invalid data:

// Exception raised for invalid text, so you can handle your own
// special cases.
Var value As Integer
value = Integer.FromText("123ABC")
Catch e As BadDataException
value1 = -1 // if data is invalid, just use -1
End Try