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Read-Only Property (As Integer )
IntegerValue = aGraphics.Handle(Type as Integer)

Supported for all project types and targets.

Gets the OS Handle for the passed Type. Pass a Graphics class constant to specify the Type.

The class constants are as follows:

1-HandleTypeHDC. Gets the HDC on Windows.

2-HandleTypeCGrafPtr. Gets the QuickDraw CGrafPtr on Macintosh.

3-HandleTypeGdkDrawablePtr. Gets the GdkDrawable * on Linux.

4-HandleTypeGdkGCPtr. Gets the GdkGC * on Linux.


6-HandleTypeGDIPlusGraphics. Obtains a handle to a GDI+ graphics handle. This requires that App.UseGDIPlus is enabled.Introduced 2009r4

Handle will return zero if the requested handle Type is not available or is not supported.