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Property (As Integer )
aFolderItem.LastErrorCode = newIntegerValue
IntegerValue = aFolderItem.LastErrorCode

Supported for all project types and targets.

Contains the error code for the last supported operation on the FolderItem. LastErrorCode will be set for any error.

The following error codes may be returned:

100: Destination does not exist. You will get this error only on CopyFileTo and MoveFileTo.

101: File not found.

102: Access denied

103: Out of memory

104: File in use

105: Invalid name

You can test whether an error occurred by comparing the value in LastErrorCode to one of the Error Constants. See the section "FolderItem Error Constants", in the Notes section.

LastErrorCode may also return operating system-specific error codes if the error does not map to one of the above errors.