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Class (inherits from Object)

New in 2019r2

The DictionaryEntry class represents a single key-value pair in a Dictionary. It is immutable and is not tied to the Dictionary it was created from, so subsequent updates to the Dictionary will not change the DictionaryEntry property values.

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Sample Code

Loop through keys in a Dictionary:

Var months As New Dictionary
months.Value("January") = 31
months.Value("February") = 28
months.Value("March") = 31
months.Value("April") = 30
months.Value("May") = 31
months.Value("June") = 30
months.Value("July") = 31
months.Value("August") = 31
months.Value("September") = 30
months.Value("October") = 31
months.Value("November") = 30
months.Value("December") = 31

For Each days As DictionaryEntry In months
Var numDays As Integer = days.Value

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