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Class (inherits from Object)

New in 2020r2

Provides information about the mobile device such as battery level, orientation and more.

BatteryLevel fa-lock-32.png IsProximityNear fa-lock-32.png Orientation fa-lock-32.png
BatteryMonitoringEnabled LocalizedModel fa-lock-32.png ProximityMonitoringEnabled
BatteryState fa-lock-32.png Model fa-lock-32.png UserInterfaceType fa-lock-32.png
Identifier fa-lock-32.png Name fa-lock-32.png
BatteryStates Orientations UserInterfaceTypes


When checking both battery and proximity information, it's important to keep the duration of time in which the app is monitoring this data to a minimum as doing so uses more battery power than usual.

You can get the DeviceData by accessing the System.Device method. DeviceData exists in the System module, so to access its enumerations, use System.DeviceData.


iOS project types on iOS and iPadOS operating systems.

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