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Property (As Boolean )
aDesktopCanvas.Transparent = newBooleanValue
BooleanValue = aDesktopCanvas.Transparent

New in 2021r3

Supported for all project types and targets.

If True, the background color shows through to the DesktopCanvas; if False, the DesktopCanvas is opaque. The default is True. On Mac the DesktopCanvas is always transparent so this property is ignored.


DesktopCanvases by default are transparent controls, which means the background color shows through. The Transparent property can be set (at design time or runtime) to turn this off/on as needed. An opaque DesktopCanvas flickers less on Windows and on Linux child controls on DesktopCanvases are clipped properly. On Mac, the DesktopCanvas is always transparent.


Controls placed behind a DesktopCanvas, regardless of the Transparent setting, will not be visible through the DesktopCanvas.

Sample Code

This code turns Transparent off:

Me.Transparent = False