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Read-Only Property (As Integer )
IntegerValue = aDesktopApplication.NonReleaseVersion

New in 2021r3

Supported for all project types and targets.

The version you increment each time you build your project.


This can only be set in the IDE, but you can read the value in your code.

Some platforms also refer to this as the build or revision number.

Typically version numbers are written as (MajorVersion.MinorVersion.BugVersion.NonReleaseVersion).

If AutoIncrementVersionInformation is checked, the IDE increases NonReleaseVersion by one each time you build your project, but not when you run it.

This value appears in the Properties window of the Desktop Explorer on Windows but does not appear in the Get Info window on MacOS or on Linux.

On Windows valid values are between 0 to 255.

If your app is rejected by an App Store for something minor, you can resolve it then increment this number to (in most cases) sufficiently distinguish it from the version you previously submitted.

Sample Code

Puts all the individual versions together to create the full version:

Var fullVersion As String
fullVersion = app.MajorVersion.ToString + "." + app.MinorVersion.ToString + "." _
+ app.BugVersion.ToString + "." + app.NonReleaseVersion.ToString.