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Property (As String )
aDatabaseColumn.StringValue = newStringValue
StringValue = aDatabaseColumn.StringValue

New in 2019r2

Supported for all project types and targets.

Used to get and set the values of String/Character field types.


If the field is not of this type, StringValue will try to return the value as a String. SQLiteDatabase converts text to UTF-8 text encoding.

When using this property to assign binary data, no encoding is added.

For situations where you need to set a database column to NULL, you should use the Value property like this:

rs.Column("MyStringColumn").Value = Nil // sets to NULL in the database

Sample Code

Get the string value of a column in a RowSet:

// rs is a RowSet with a string column called "ProductName"
Var productName As String
productName = rs.Column("ProductName").StringValue

Set the string value of a column in a RowSet:

// rs is a Rowset with a string column called "ProductName":
rs.Column("ProductName").StringValue = "Generic Widgets"