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Property (As Integer )
aBevelButton.Bevel = newIntegerValue
IntegerValue = aBevelButton.Bevel

Supported for all project types and targets.

The bevel style. The Bevel property affects the appearance and in some cases the shape of the BevelButton.


The following are the bevel styles.

Value Description
0 Small bevel
1 Normal bevel
2 Large bevel
3 Rounded bevel (macOS only)
4 No Bevel (Windows only)
5 Round (macOS only)
6 Large Round (macOS only)
7 Disclosure (macOS only)

The macOS-only bevel styles appear as the Small Bevel style on other platforms.

Bevel styles and appearance varies in general between operating systems and sometimes between versions of operating systems.

Sample Code

This example sets the Bevel property to Round.

Me.Bevel = 5