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Class (inherits from Object)

Used to send complex information to other applications via AppleEvents.

Count fa-lock-32.png IntegerItem StringItem
FolderItemItem fa-lock-32.png RecordItem

AppendBoolean AppendObjectSpecifier DescListItem
AppendDescList AppendRecord ObjectSpecifierItem
AppendFolderItem AppendString
AppendInteger BooleanItem


In this example, the TextEdit application (which must be running for this example to work) is instructed to open two documents ("My Document" and "My Other Document") that are located in the folder with the default folder:

Dim a As AppleEvent
Dim list As AppleEventDescList
a = New AppleEvent("aevt", "odoc", "")
list = New AppleEventDescList
list.AppendFolderItem(GetFolderItem("My Document"))
list.AppendFolderItem(GetFolderItem("My Other Document"))
a.DescListParam("----") = list
If Not a.Send Then
MsgBox("The AppleEvent could not be sent.")
End If

See Also

AppleEvent, AppleEventRecord classes.