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Global Method

Acos(value As Double) As Double

Supported for all project types and targets.

Returns the arccosine of the value specified. The arccosine is the angle whose cosine is value. The returned angle is given in radians.


result = Acos(value)

Part Type Description
result Double The arc cosine of value.
value Double The value you want the arc cosine of.


The Acos function returns the angle (in radians) of the cosine passed to it. To convert the result from radians to degrees, multiply it by 180/Pi.

Sample Code

This example uses the Acos function to return the arc cosine of a number.

Var d As Double
Const Pi = 3.14159265
d = Acos(0.5) // returns 1.0471976
d = Acos(0.5) * 180 / Pi // returns 60

See Also

Cos, Tan, Atan functions