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Class (inherits from Object)

A file that was processed by WebFileUploader. The array of uploaded files is made available in the WebFileUploader.UploadFinished event handler.

Data MIMEType Size
File Name


If the temporary folder is writable, the File property will point to the temporary file and the Save method will allow you to save the file elsewhere. You can also use the Data property to load the file into memory.

Any temporary files that are created by the upload process are deleted when the WebFileUploader.UploadFinished event handler returns.

If the temporary folder is not writable, the files are kept in memory and accessed using the Data property.

Sample Code

This code in WebFileUploader.UploadFinished will process all the files that were uploaded and save only the pictures to the UploadFolder on the server.

Var source As Picture
Var pictureFile As FolderItem

Var uploadFolder As FolderItem
uploadFolder = New FolderItem("UploadFolder")

If Not uploadFolder.Exists Then
End If

For Each file As WebUploadedFile In Files
source = Picture.FromData(file.Data)

// Create a file on the server
pictureFile = uploadFolder.Child(file.Name)

source.Save(pictureFile, Picture.SaveAsPNG)

Catch e As UnsupportedFormatException
Continue // Skip this file
End Try

See Also

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