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For web applications, see WebButton.

Class (inherits from RectControl)

A PushButton is the standard button used in desktop apps.

Action DropObject MouseExit
Close GotFocus MouseMove
ConstructContextualMenu KeyDown MouseUp
ContextualMenuAction KeyUp MouseWheel
DragEnter LostFocus Open
DragExit MouseDown
DragOver MouseEnter

Active ReadOnlyProperty.png Italic Scope ReadOnlyProperty.png
AutoDeactivate Left TabIndex
Bold LockBottom TabStop
ButtonStyle LockLeft TextFont
Cancel LockRight TextSize
Caption LockTop Top
Default MouseCursor TrueWindow ReadOnlyProperty.png
Enabled MouseX ReadOnlyProperty.png Underline
Handle ReadOnlyProperty.png MouseY ReadOnlyProperty.png Visible
Height Name Width
HelpTag PanelIndex Window ReadOnlyProperty.png
Index ReadOnlyProperty.png Parent

AcceptFileDrop Close RefreshRect
AcceptPictureDrop DrawInto RemoveActionNotificationReceiver
AcceptRawDataDrop Invalidate SetFocus
AcceptTextDrop Push
AddActionNotificationReceiver Refresh


To set an accelerator character, precede the character in the Caption with an ampersand. In order to show an ampersand in the Caption, use two ampersands in a row.

The PushButton's Caption property can show a caption that uses an encoding that doesn't match the application’s region code (or while running within the IDE, the IDE's region code). For example, an English application can set a Japanese caption, as long as it first sets the button's TextFont to Osaka.

If your Pushbutton has a height greater than 22 pixels, on macOS it will not have the standard rounded appearance and will instead be drawn as a square button. This is a restriction of macOS.

See Also

BevelButton, SegmentedControl controls; RectControl class.

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