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Language Reference

The Language Reference gives you fast access to information about the Xojo language and frameworks (for both desktop and web). This includes: objects, keywords, controls, operators, constants, error messages, runtime exceptions, built-in methods and functions, and so forth. Wherever applicable, the properties and methods belonging to an object are documented, along with cross-references to related objects.

For information about iOS or the new Xojo Framework, refer to the Xojo Dev Center.

Introduction to Programming with Xojo

Introduction to Programming with Xojo is a free book that is designed to teach anyone how to program. It focuses on Xojo, but can be used to teach programming concepts for most languages. We encourage teachers, students and anyone that wants to learn to code to download the book along with a free copy of Xojo. For more information, visit our Learn page at

  • Introduction to Programming with Xojo (363 pages) PDF (14MB), iBooks (33MB) (Revised April 2014)
  • Teacher Guide for Introduction to Programming with Xojo (39 pages) PDF, iBooks (19MB)

User Guide, Upgrade Guide, QuickStarts and Tutorials

The User Guide, Upgrade Guide, QuickStarts and Tutorials are available in PDF and iBooks (for iPad) formats. You can access the PDF version directly from the Help menu in Xojo. You can also download them separately to view on your favorite mobile device.

User Guide

The User Guide consists of 4 books that cover what you need to know to start creating apps using Xojo.

Upgrade Guide

The Upgrade Guide is for those who have previously used Real Studio and want to quickly get up to speed with what has changed in Xojo.

  • Upgrade Guide (33 pages) PDF (3MB), iBooks (5MB)


The QuickStarts are step-by-step walkthroughs for creating your first desktop or web application.


The Tutorials walk you through creating a more advanced desktop or web application.

NOTE: The iBooks files can only be viewed on an iPad using the iBooks app, which is a free download from the App Store. The easiest way to get the books on your iPad is to click the links for the iBooks files here. This will download them using Mobile Safari and then prompt you to open them using iBooks. You can also download them from the iBookstore (search for Xojo) . If you have trouble accessing the iBookstore, use our direct links instead.  

Example Projects

Xojo ships with over 120 example projects. They are included in the "Example Projects" folder alongside your Xojo installation and can be accessed by selecting "Examples" in the Project Chooser. They are also available here for download.

Example Projects (16MB) ZIP

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