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System icons to use when creating buttons using NewSystemItem.


Enum Description
SystemAction Uses system icon to indicate an action.
SystemAdd Uses system icon to indicate an add.
SystemBookmarks Uses system icon to indicate a bookmark.
SystemCamera Uses system icon to indicate the camera.
SystemCancel Uses localized text for "Cancel".
SystemCompose Uses system icon to indicate a new document.
SystemDone Uses localized text for "Done".
SystemEdit Uses localized text for "Edit".
SystemFastForward Uses system fast forward icon.
SystemFixedSpace Adds a fixed space for separating icons.
SystemFlexibleSpace A flexible space that pushes icons on the right all the way to the right edge of the toolbar.
SystemOrganize Uses system icon.
SystemPageCurl This bar button image can be used only for bar button items placed on toolbars. This type is not recommended for apps that run in iOS 7 and later.
SystemPause Uses system icon.
SystemPlay Uses system icon.
SystemRedo Uses localized text for "Redo".
SystemRefresh Uses system icon.
SystemReply Uses system icon.
SystemRewind Uses system icon.
SystemSave Uses localized text for "Save".
SystemSearch Uses system icon.
SystemStop Uses system icon.
SystemTrash Uses system icon.
SystemUndo Uses localized text for "Undo".