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Class (inherits from Object)

An iOS TabBar.

AddTab BadgeAt CaptionAt


You set up a tab bar using the Inspector to change the Content property for an iOSLayout. Refer to Getting Started with iOS for information on how to do this. From the Apple User Interface Guidelines, a tab bar:

  • Is translucent
  • Always appears at the bottom edge of the screen
  • Displays no more than five tabs at one time in a horizontally compact environment (if there are more tabs, the tab bar displays four of them and adds the More tab, which reveals the additional tabs in a list)
  • Maintains the same height in all orientations
  • Can display a badge on a tab to communicate app-specific information (a badge is a red oval containing white text and either a number or exclamation point)

Regardless of the icon's visual style, create a tab bar icon in the following sizes: About 50 x 50 pixels (96 x 64 pixels maximum). Don't include text in a custom tab bar icon.


iOS project types on iOS and iPadOS operating systems.

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