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iOSMobileTable.SectionTitleAt(section As Integer) As String

Supported on Mobile.

Gets the title for the section.


iOSMobileTable.SectionTitleAt(section As Integer, Assigns value As String)

Supported on Mobile.

Sets the title for the section.


Parameter Description
section The section to get or set the title.
value The value to set as the title.


You cannot change the title section that was originally given a blank title.

The following exception can be raised:

Exception Description
OutOfBoundsException When the section does not exist. At least one section must be added to the table before getting or setting its title.

Sample Code

Change the first section title:

Table1.SectionTitleAt(0) = "New Title"

Get the title of the 2nd section:

Var title As String = Table1.SectionTitleAt(1)