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WebSession.Header(Name As String) As String

New in 2010r5

Supported for all project types and targets.

Returns the value of the HTTP header specified. Depending on the deployment mode, not all HTTP headers are available. In Stand-Alone deployments, all HTTP headers are always available. In CGI deployments, many of the headers are not provided to your app.


The available headers in CGI mode are:

Header Name Description
User-Agent Describes the browser the user is running.
Cookie The cookie values provided by the browser.
Host The domain the application is running on, such as 'subdomain.mydomain.com'.
Accept The MIME types the browser is capable of receiving.
Accept-Language The languages the user would prefer to receive.
Accept-Encoding The encoding methods the browser is capable of receiving.
Connection Either 'keep-alive' or 'close' depending on wether or not the browser intends to keep the connection alive for reuse later.
HTTPS Set to 'on' if the connection is secure, blank or 'off' otherwise.
SCRIPT_NAME The virtual path where your app is running, such as '/myapp/myapp.cgi'.

This list is not meant to fully describe these headers. For more information on any particular header, please do a search online, there is plenty of good information available.

See Also

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