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Shared Method

WebSession.Available() As Boolean

Supported for all project types and targets.

Determines if the code is executing within a Session or not.


Some events do not execute within any user Session because they were not executed in response to a user action. For example, the WebApplication class events are not associated with any particular user and therefore there is no Session available. You can also determine if the code is executing in a Session by checking the Session object to determine if it is nil or not. However, the Available function executes much faster.


This very simple example displays a message box only if a session is available. Without the Session.Available test, the Session.MsgBox call could generate a NilObjectException depending on the calling code. For example, calling Session.MsgBox from WebApplication.Open would cause a NilObjectException because there is no Session while WebApplication events are executing.

If Session.Available Then
Session.MsgBox("There is a session available")
End If

See Also

SessionNotAvailableException, WebApplication.SessionForControl, WebApplication.SessionForControlID, WebApplication.SessionCount, WebApplication.SessionAtIndex, and WebApplication.SessionWithIdentifier.