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For desktop applications, see SegmentedControl.

Class (inherits from WebControl)

A control that is a horizontal button made up of multiple segments.

Action Hidden MouseMove
Close KeyPressed MouseUp
ContextualMenuAction LostFocus Open
DoubleClick MouseDown Resized
DropObject MouseEnter Shown
GotFocus MouseExit

ContextualMenu LockBottom SelCount fa-lock-32.png
ControlID fa-lock-32.png LockHorizontal SelectionType
Cursor LockLeft Style
DragOverStyle LockRight Top
Enabled LockTop VerticalCenter
Height LockVertical Visible
HelpTag Name fa-lock-32.png Width
HorizontalCenter Page fa-lock-32.png Zindex
Left Parent fa-lock-32.png
ListIndex SegmentCount

AcceptPictureDrop AllowTextDrag PresentContextualMenu
AcceptRawDataDrop Caption Segment
AcceptTextDrop Close SetFocus
AllowPictureDrag ExecuteJavaScript ShowURL
AllowRawDataDrag MsgBox

Selected Cell Properties
Icon Selected Text


This code in the Action event handler checks to see which segment was selected:

Select Case SegmentIndex
Case 0 // First segment
MsgBox("First Segment")
Case 1 // Second segment
MsgBox("Second segment")
End Select

See Also

SegmentedControl, WebSeparator