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Class (inherits from WebUIControl)

New in 2020r1

Plays a movie in a web app using the MP4 video capabilities of the client browser.

Closed DownloadSuspended PlaybackProgressed
ContextualMenuSelected Hidden PlaybackReady
DownloadAborted Opening PlaybackStarted
DownloadError PlaybackEnded PositionChanged
DownloadStalled PlaybackPaused Shown
AllowAutoPlay Left Position
AllowFullScreen LockBottom fa-lock-32.png PosterURL
AllowLooping LockHorizontal fa-lock-32.png Style
ContextualMenu LockLeft fa-lock-32.png TabIndex
ControlID fa-lock-32.png LockRight fa-lock-32.png Tooltip
Duration fa-lock-32.png LockVertical fa-lock-32.png Top
Enabled MovieURL Visible
HasController Name fa-lock-32.png Width
Height Page fa-lock-32.png
Indicator Parent fa-lock-32.png
Close Pause UpdateBrowser
ExecuteJavaScript Play
GotoURL SetFocus


WebMoviePlayer uses the built-in HTML5 video player on all browsers. Encoding your movies in MP4 format is recommended as all browsers support that format. Safari also supports .mov files and Firefox supports .ogv files.

See Also

WebAudioPlayer control; MoviePlayer desktop control.