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Class (inherits from WebListBoxCellRenderer)

New in 2020r1

Used to display a DateTime value in WebListBox cell in the browser's time zone and locale.

DateFormat TimeFormat
RelativeValueStyle Value

Constructor(DateValue As DateTime)

Constructor(DateValue As String, Locale As Locale = Nil, TimeZone As TimeZone = Nil)


Assigning a DateTime value using this class will automatically convert the DateTime to the browser's time zone and locale-specific format.

Using the RelativeValueStyle property, you can automatically display the DateTime using relative terms when appropriate. For example, if the DateTime value was yesterday, the value will be displayed as "Yesterday" rather than as an actual date and a time that was 5 minutes ago would be displayed as "5 Minutes Ago".


Web projects on all supported operating systems.

See Also

WebListBox control; WebListBoxCellRenderer, WebListBoxImageRenderer, and WebListBoxStyleRenderer classes.