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Class (inherits from WebUIControl)

Used to display a text label on a web page.

Closed Hidden Pressed
ContextualMenuSelected Opening Shown

Bold Left Parent fa-lock-32.png
ContextualMenu LockBottom fa-lock-32.png Style
ControlID fa-lock-32.png LockHorizontal fa-lock-32.png TabIndex
Enabled LockLeft fa-lock-32.png Text
FontName LockRight fa-lock-32.png Tooltip
FontSize LockVertical fa-lock-32.png Top
Height Multiline Visible
Indicator Name fa-lock-32.png Width
Italic Page fa-lock-32.png

Close GotoURL SetHTML
ExecuteJavaScript SetFocus UpdateBrowser


Change the text of a label:

Label1.Text = "Enter your name:"

If you want to display text that wraps to multiple lines, set the Multiline property to True:

Label1.Multiline = True
Label1.Text = "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"

See Also

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