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This module (available as a property of the System module for web applications) contains all the cursors available to web pages, web dialogs, web controls, and web containers. The Automatic cursor, the default cursor for everything that supports cursors, means that use the appropriate cursor.


Objects that enable you to set the cursor have a Cursor property. In the Properties Pane you can choose the cursor from the pop-up menu of cursors that are populated with the list shown here.

Value Cursor
0 Automatic
1 Standard Pointer
2 Finger Pointer
3 iBeam
4 Wait
5 Help
6 Arrow All Directions
7 Arrow North
8 Arrow South
9 Arrow East
10 Arrow West
11 Arrow North East
12 Arrow North West
13 Arrow South East
14 Arrow South West
15 Splitter East West
16 Splitter North South
17 Progress
18 No Drop
19 Not Allowed
20 Vertical iBeam
21 Crosshair


The following code changes the pointer to a Finger Pointer when it is moved into the region of the control.

Me.Cursor = System.WebCursors.FingerPointer

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