Web Scrollbar

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Scrollbars can be presented vertically or horizontally. In general, controls that need to have Scrollbars already have them built-in, so you are not likely to need this control often.

Below are the most commonly used events and properties. Refer to WebScrollbar in the Language Reference for the complete list.



Called when the scroll bar value has changed.



An Integer that indicates the amount the scroll bar changes when one of its arrows is clicked (default is 1).

Mimimum, Maximum

The minimum and maximum values returned by the scroll bar.


The Integer amount that the scroll bar changes when the empty track of the scroll bar is clicked. This is usually considered to be moving the scroll bar by a page on content.


An Integer used to get or set current position of the scroll bar.


Web Scrollbar

To update a Label with the value of the Scrollbar as it is moved, put this code in the Scrollbar's ValueChanged event:

NameLabel.Text = "Scrollbar Value = " + Str(Me.Value)

Example Project

The Scrollbar example updates a Label with the Scrollbar value as the Scrollbar is moved.


See Also

WebScrollbar class; UserGuide:Web UI topic