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The Image View (called Image Well in the Library) provides a way to display a JPEG or PNG image from your project, or link to a picture at an URL. To specify a picture, use the Picture property in the Inspector. To specify a picture on the web use the URL property.

Commonly used events and properties are listed below. Refer to WebImageView in the Language Reference for the complete list.



Called when the Picture changes.



Specifies the picture (JPG or PNG) to display.


Specifies whether the user is allowed to drag the image.


Specifies a URL of a picture (JPG or PNG) to display.


Eddie's Electronics Web displaying a customer photo using an Image View

To display a picture that has been added to the project, assign the Picture property:

ImageWell1.Picture = MyPicture

You can also point the Image Well to a picture from a web site by using the URL property:

ImageWell1.URL = ""

See Also

WebImageView class; UserGuide:Web UI topic