OS Process Samples

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If you need to report performance issues with the Xojo IDE, you should create a Feedback case and attach the project you are using when performance is slow and an OS sample.

Getting Sample on Mac

Follow these steps to get a macOS process sample. Get Xojo into a state where its performance is slow:

  1. Open Activity Monitor app (In Application/Utilities).
  2. Select the Xojo process.
  3. Click the "gear" icon and select "Sample Process". Or select View ↠ Sample Process.
  4. This displays the "Sample" window. It will refresh with sample text.
  5. Click the Save button to save the text to included in your Feedback case. You can click the Refresh button to sample again if necessary.

Getting Sample on Windows

To gather system profiling information on Windows:

  1. Download the latest release of UIforETW.
  2. Unzip, launch etwpackage\bin\UIforETW.exe, and click "Start Tracing".
  3. Press Ctrl-Win-C after the event in question.

The tool is very low overhead and uses a circular buffer, so it can be kept running all of the time. Depending on system activity, there'll be around 5-500 seconds of data available. The author of the tool has a more in-depth overview on recording ETW traces or, if you want a lot more information, a whole series of blog posts on ETW:

You can also refer to this screen recording showing how to take an ETW trace:

The resulting trace file can be attached to a Feedback case so that Xojo can analyze it to see what is causing the slowdowns.