Mobile Progress Wheel

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A Progress Wheel is used to indicate that a task or operation of unknown length is being performed. When the Progress Wheel is visible it displays on the screen with a spinning animation.

Below are commonly used properties. Refer to MobileProgressWheel in the Language Reference for the complete list.



Specifies the shade (light or dark) for the Progress Wheel. Dark is the default.


A boolean that indicates if the Progress Wheel is visible when your app runs. When it is visible, it displays a spinning animation. Set it to Invisible when it is not needed.


Mobile Progress Bar and Mobile Progress Wheel

Long tasks should be in a Thread so that the UI remains responsive and the spinning animation the Progress Wheel can work. Using a Progress Wheel is as easy as making it visible before you begin the task:

MyProgressWheel.Visible = True

Example Projects

  • Examples/iOS/Controls/ProgressExample

See Also

MobileProgressWheel class; UserGuide:Mobile Progress Bar, UserGuide:iOS User Interface Controls topics