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Class (inherits from RuntimeException)

Occurs when the supplied information is in an unsupported format. This can happen in many situations, including: using a String expression that cannot be evaluated, a bad DateTime format or an inaccessible FolderItem path.

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You can use a string expression to set the column widths via the DesktopListBoxColumn class or the ColumnWidths property of the DesktopListBox. You can use the percent sign or the "*" symbol, as described in those sections. If you use a character that is not permitted, an UnsupportedFormatException will occur.

Sample Code

The following specification causes an UnsupportedFormatException runtime error:

ListBox1.ColumnWidths = "50,50i" // not a valid width

Here is a Try statement that catches UnsupportedFormatExceptions when accessing a picture's data.

source = Picture.FromData(file.Data)
Catch err As UnsupportedFormatException
// not a picture
End Try

See Also

DateTime, FolderItem, DesktopListBox, DesktopListBoxColumn, RuntimeException classes; Exception, Try statements.