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Thread.UserInterfaceUpdate(data() As Dictionary)

New in 2019r2

Supported for all project types and targets.

Used to update your app's user interface.


Apps cannot access the user interface from within the Run event of a thread. Doing so raises a ThreadAccessingUIException. Instead, use the UserInterfaceUpdate event to update your user interface. It can be triggered by calling the AddUserInterfaceUpdate method from within the Run event.

Each call to AddUserInterfaceUpdate in the Run event, adds the values passed to an array that is then passed to the UserInterfaceUpdate event (the data() parameter above). This allows you to process all of the calls to AddUserInterfaceUpdate or just the most recent one. For example, if your thread was reading a series of files and you wished to add the name of each file read to a ListBox, you'd want to read each row of the data() array passed to this event. However, if you instead were only displaying a ProgressBar and wanted to show how far you'd gotten through reading all the files, it would be more efficient to read the last item of the data() array passed to this event and then update your ProgressBar control rather than iterate through all of the items in the data() array.


This code (in the UserInterfaceUpdate event) updates a ProgressBar (called UIProgress) on a Window:

For Each update As Dictionary In data
If update.HasKey("UIProgress") Then
UIProgress.Value = update.Value("UIProgress").IntegerValue
End If

The Data parameter is an array of Dictionaries containing information supplied by the AddUserInterfaceUpdate method that can be used to update the UI.

The Run method contains the code that runs in the thread and calls AddUserInterfaceUpdate with any necessary information:

Var progressValue As Integer

While progressValue < 100
progressValue = progressValue + 1

//Your processing code goes here. For the sake of this example
//we've added a dummy loop below so you can see the progress bar update.

// Do nothing for 1/4 second
Var waitUntil As Integer = System.Ticks + 15
While System.Ticks < waitUntil

// Call AddUserInterfaceUpdate with any parameters you need. This calls the UserInterfaceUpdate event handler
// where you can directly access any UI controls on the Window.

// This specifies simple parameters using a Pair
// You can also pass values using a Dictionary