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Property (As FontUnits )
aTextEdit.TextUnit = newFontUnitsValue
FontUnitsValue = aTextEdit.TextUnit

New in 2009r4

Supported for all project types and targets.

The units in which TextSize is measured.


The options are: The FontUnits enum has the following values:

Value Constant Description
0 Default An appropriate cross-platform selection. On Macintosh, font units is in points, on Windows it is in pixel size, and on Linux it is a scale Point size. This is a legacy carry-over from the days where the TextSize of 12 was the default and 12 was assumed to be the standard font size on each platform.
1 Pixel Units are pixels.
2 Point Units are points.
3 Inches Units are inches.
4 Millimeter Units are millimeters.


This example is in the Open event of the control. It sets the font unit to Pixel.

Me.TextUnit = FontUnits.Pixel