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Returns the last n characters from the string specified.


result=Right(source, count)
result=stringVariable.Right(count) Introduced 5.0

Part Type Description
result String The rightmost count characters of source.
source String The source string from which to get the characters.
count Integer The number of characters you wish to get from the source.

If count is greater than the length of source, all characters in source are returned.

stringVariable String Any variable of type String.


The Right function returns characters from the source string starting from the right side (as the name implies).

If you need to read bytes rather than characters, use the RightB function.


This example uses the Right function to return the last 5 characters from a String:

Dim s As String
s = Right("Hello World", 5) // returns "World"
s = "Hello World"
s = s.Right(5) // returns "World"

See Also

Asc, Chr, InStr, Left, Len, Mid functions; String data type.