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Shell.Execute(Command as String [,Parameters as String])

Supported for all project types and targets.

Executes a one-line Unix or DOS shell command.


If you are in Synchronous mode (mode 0), the Result property will contain the results. The Command parameter is the path/name of the executable to run and the second parameter contains the arguments to pass to the executable. You can specify the executable without passing a second parameter. On Windows, if the path/name of the executable contains spaces and you want to pass arguments to it, it is safer to separate the two.

If you are in Asynchronous mode (mode 1 or 2), use the Execute method for the first command to be executed. In Interactive mode (mode 2), you can then later use Write or WriteLine to send data or new commands to the Shell.


Execute the "ls" command in a shell and display the results in a TextArea:

Var sh As New Shell

TextArea1.Text = sh.Result