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SerialConnection.Error(e As RuntimeException)

New in 2019r2

Supported for all project types and targets.

Occurs when there is an error with the SerialConnection control.


When this event fires, check the Error and Message properties of the RuntimeException that is passed to the event. Error values are as follows:

The following class constants can be used to test the LastErrorCode value.

Class Constant Value Description
NoError 0 No error code.
AccessDenied 100 Access denied.
PortNotFound 101 Port not found.
InvalidOptions 102 Invalid options.
BreakCondition 103 Hardware detected a break condition. Usually due to a signal rate mismatch.
FramingError 104 Hardware detected a framing error. Occurs when the designated "start" and "stop" bits are not valid.

Other Error Codes

There are many other platform-specific error codes that vary based on the operating system and version. Here are some links for further information: