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Class (inherits from RectControl)

New in 2020r2

A field for search values that provides a Recent Searches popup menu.

Close DropObject MouseExit
ConstructContextualMenu GotFocus MouseMove
ContextualMenuAction KeyDown MouseWheel
DragEnter KeyUp Open
DragExit LostFocus Pressed
DragOver MouseEnter TextChanged
Active fa-lock-32.png LockBottom Scope fa-lock-32.png
AllowAutoDeactivate LockLeft TabIndex
AllowFocusRing LockRight Text
AllowRecentItems LockTop Tooltip
AllowTabStop MaximumRecentItems Top
ClearMenuItemCaption MouseCursor Transparent
Enabled MouseX fa-lock-32.png TrueWindow fa-lock-32.png
Handle fa-lock-32.png MouseY fa-lock-32.png Visible
Height Name fa-lock-32.png Width
Hint PanelIndex Window fa-lock-32.png
Index fa-lock-32.png Parent
Left RecentSearchesCaption


On macOS, this control is supported on versions 10.12.2 and above.


Desktop projects on Linux, macOS and Windows.

See Also

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