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Class (inherits from RuntimeException)

SOAPExceptions can be raised when using a WSDL to define your SOAP function. If the method name does not exist or the parameters passed do not match the WSDL specifications, a SOAPException runtime error will be raised.

ErrorNumber Message
Stack StackFrames

Sample Code

This example raises an exception of type SOAPException because the method name "ValidEmail" does not exist in the WSDL. The method should be "isValidEmail". A SOAPException can also be raised by passing in an incorrect number of parameters.

Var sm As SOAPMethod

// create new method and load WSDL document from URL
sm = New SOAPMethod("")

// execute and display function result

// catch exceptions
Exception e As SOAPException
MessageBox("SOAP Error: " + e.Message)

See Also

RuntimeException, SOAPMethod, SOAPResult classes; Exception, Try statements.