Free Source Code and Tools

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The following sites all have a variety of free Xojo projects and examples for you to use. Submit your site or a site you love to to get it added.

Site Description
MacTechnologies Consulting A variety of free classes and tools (and some shareware).
Thomas Tempelmann's Code Samples Here you'll find some tips, examples, reusable classes and plugins for Xojo. All code and information, unless specifically noted, is free for your unlimited use.
Charcoal Design Free projects for use with Xojo.
Eugene Dakin Xojo Examples The code on this site is free to download and contains examples that I was using on various projects.
BKeeney Software Xojo classes and tools to help with your projects.
Ben's Software Printing modules and a math control.
Simcar Software Lots of useful UI controls.
Boredom Software Misc. projects and source code.
Great White Software Misc. projects and source code.
Moth Software Some Xojo code, including a circular progress, tab sheets and more.
Roger Meier Many open-source projects.
RAGE Software HUD window.
The ZAZ AnimationKit, AuthenticationKit and more.
Ian Jones (GitHub) Misc. projects and source code.
Ohanaware Free source code for checking app store receipts, controlling app nap, handling promised files, and getting app version info.
Kem Tekinay (GitHub) A variety of open-source projects.