2021r3 Release Notes

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Xojo 2021 Release 3 is now available with over 220 changes and improvements.

Notable changes include:

  • Desktop API 2.0.
  • Dark mode support on Windows.
  • Building Mac apps from Windows and Linux.
  • New encryption features: SHA3, BlowFish, TwoFish and CRC32.
  • iOS now uses iOS 15 SDK
  • SQLite 3.36.0 with support for RETURNING on DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE statements.
  • Desktop project icon resources are saved as compressed PNGs, helping to significantly reduce project file sizes.
  • Lots of improvements and bug fixes.

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

45187CompilerNo longer raises a failed assertion when calling ByteValue on a Structure that was passed by reference.
60576Crashes & Assertions » CrashImporting certain ICNS files no longer crashes the IDE.
64263Crashes & Assertions » Failed AssertionWindows: we no longer raise a failed assertion when the presentation stack changes (i.e. due to certain display changes, which causes Direct2D to error out as well).
65593Crashes & Assertions » Failed AssertionMake it so a simple mislabeling of an item in the debugger won’t crash the whole IDE.
65633Crashes & Assertions » Failed AssertionFixed a logic error which could cause an assertion if the last method in a group was selected in the navigator on one tab and deleted or moved on a second tab.
65698Crashes & Assertions » Failed AssertionDefine Missing Method no longer asserts if the class couldn’t be found.
66262Crashes & Assertions » Failed AssertionFixed a failed assertion that could happen when collapsing a parent folder row in a hierarchical ListBox. Case #66262
63149Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionFixed a bug that could cause a crash when loading license files if the license window was closed too quickly.
64979Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionThe IDE’s ImageSet Editor will now check the aspect ratio of images when they are added to make sure they match the other images in the set.
65343Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionIDE no longer crashes when undoing the creation of a File Types Group.
65407Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionBetter handle possible NilObjectExceptions that could occur when the Navigator is trying to show something in the project that may no longer be available.
65455Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionPrevent a NilObjectException that could occur when code that has a breakpoint on it is removed while debugging and then you try to remove the original breakpoint from within the debugger.
65528Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionSelecting a Build Setting and then immediately pressing Backspace no longer raises an exception. Now nothing happens since Build Settings cannot be removed.
65529Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionPrevent NilObjectException that can occur in debugger sometimes when controls the in variable viewer go out of scope.
65534Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionFixed a NilObjectException that could sometimes occur when doing an Undo.
65840Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionFixed a potential NilObjectException when drawing the code editor.
65924Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionFixed a potential crash when toggling a breakpoint in the debugger.
65664Database Plugins » Microsoft SQLA BIT column is now correctly reported as a Boolean type instead of a String.
65732Database Plugins » Microsoft SQLMSSQLServerDatabase: binding string values in prepared statements is no longer limited to 255 characters.
66181Database Plugins » Microsoft SQLMSSQLServerDatabase: the Money column type is now reported to Xojo as a Currency type instead of a string. Also added MSSQLSERVER_TYPE_MONEY constant for MSSQLServerPreparedStatement to bind to this column type explicitly.
51838Database Plugins » MySQLWindows: rebuilt MySQLCommunityServer client libraries with OpenSSL support instead of the deprecated yaSSL. This allows connection to more recent MySQL servers that only support OpenSSL connections.
65569Database Plugins » ODBCODBCDatabase: when updating a row (i.e. via RowSet.SaveRow) we no longer limit the string length to the max VarChar limit (8000 characters as documented), especially if the column type is a LONG VarChar.
65466Database Plugins » SQLiteThe SQLiteDatabase plugin no longer raises exceptions for non-fatal result codes.
61257DebuggerDebugger now respects the alpha channels (especially transparency) when displaying Picture contents for Desktop/Console apps..
47734Framework » AllCreating an invalid locale now throws an InvalidArgumentException.
59315Framework » AllCrypto.GenerateRandomBytes has been sped up on macOS / iOS. There is no difference of speed on Windows or Linux using alternative techniques, so the current one is left.
63524Framework » AllSystem.NetworkInterfaceCount no longer (potentially) raises a failed assertion.
65508Framework » AllWindows/Linux: Text.Join no longer ignores empty Text values in the array when concatenating.
65548Framework » AllBinary Enumerations no longer break into framework code when comparing or doing boolean operations with objects that are otherwise Nil.
65567Framework » AllString.ToInteger/ToInt64 now respects exponential values when converting the string to Integer, just like Val and String.Val does.
65577Framework » AllFixed a bug in String.Trim functions that caused an infinite loop when passing an empty string as parameter.
65639Framework » AllFixed a Failed Assertion when making a subclass of SegmentedButton with a custom Value property.
66014Framework » AllSetting a class’ super to EmbeddedContainer or EmbeddedWindowControl is no longer allowed.
66291Framework » AllConverting an empty string Variant to DateTimeValue no longer crashes on Windows/Linux. It now throws a TypeMismatchException like it does on macOS.
66307Framework » AllSetting the Port property on ServerSocket, TCPSocket and UDPSocket works again.
66495Framework » AllFixed setting PDFGraphics.LineDash to Nil, so it doesn't raises a NilObjectException.
64396Framework » DesktopWindows: when a window is activated (for example, when another window on top is closed), it now receives the keyboard focus if no other control is on the window.
64745Framework » DesktopListbox now honors the column alignment (especially Center and Right alignment) when drawing Checkboxes.
65406Framework » DesktopTextArea (with UnicodeMode = Characters) now takes into account characters with diacritic marks when calculating the length of the text.
66392Framework » DesktopWe now throw an InvalidArgumentException when a DesktopMenuItem is being added to a menu that already has the same item in it.
66553Framework » DesktopListBox.HeaderPressed now fires again.
11748Framework » LinuxMoviePlayer no longer supports libgstreamer-0, now requires libgstreamer-1. This also fixes getting the Position and Duration.
63146Framework » LinuxListBox: double clicking now fires the DoubleClick event instead of DragRow.
63186Framework » LinuxMoviePlayer.AutoRepeat now works on Linux/Pi.
60734Framework » WebCreating a WebSessionContext when another session has precedence will now fail consistently with an UnsupportedOperationException.
61439Framework » WebWhen disabled, WebImageViewer now looks disabled and does not produce Pressed events.
63763Framework » WebWebRectangle now honors the HasBackgroundColor property in the IDE and at runtime.
63807Framework » WebWebPage background color can now be updated at runtime.
64993Framework » WebWebImageViewers can now be cleared by setting the image to Nil.
65060Framework » WebThe WebToolbarMenu class is deprecated and has been marked as such.
65250Framework » WebWebCanvas.Pressed event again only fires once per click or tap.
65388Framework » WebWebImageView.Pressed no longer fires more than once per click or tap.
65506Framework » WebAdding a property named Indicator to a subclass of WebSDKUIControl will now be visible in the Inspector and Inspector Behavior dialog.
65521Framework » WebText wraps now again on Web projects.
65676Framework » WebFixed a memory leak in the WebChart javascript framework.
65744Framework » WebColorGroups work again in Web projects.
65822Framework » WebFixed a situation where clicking on a web control on a layout with no controls that can accept focus would result in a stack overflow in the browser.
65832Framework » WebWebControls added to WebRectangles, WebPagePanels and WebTabPanels are now included in the parent’s control array.
66245Framework » WebThe mechanism behind WebSession.PageCount now correctly removes the WeakRefs that pointed to added WebPages when they are closed so the returned value will be correct again.
66396Framework » WebWebSession.Pages iterator no longer contains Nil references.
54289Framework » WindowsDesktopListbox/DesktopCanvas: the new DoubleClicked event now happens upon MouseUp instead of MouseDown. This fixes a long standing issue (at least on Windows) where presenting a modal dialog in the old Listbox/Canvas DoubleClick event would prevent any further mouse events from being triggered.
61859Framework » WindowsMoving/Resizing DesktopCanvas and DesktopRectangle controls no longer causes an immediate refresh. This fixes some noticeable flickering since the controls would draw immediately one after the other.
64805Framework » WindowsWhen maximizing window to Fullscreen we now correctly position the window at different DPI scales on multi-monitor setups.
65281Framework » WindowsSearchField Text property is now properly encoded as UTF8 on Windows.
65432Framework » WindowsThe background color of Controls on a TabPanel now render correctly on Windows 11.
65492Framework » WindowsText is now drawn correctly when using Graphics.ClipToPath.
65517Framework » WindowsAdded support for CTRL+Backspace on SearchField control for Windows, so it deletes the word previous to the current caret position.
65779Framework » WindowsSearchField no longer draws an active border unless it really does have the focus, instead of all the time when it's simply enabled.
60577Framework » iOS » MobileNo longer leaking memory each time the Canvas.Paint event is called.
64967Framework » iOS » MobileSpecialFolder.Temporary has been updated on iOS.
65038Framework » iOS » MobileSounds dragged into the IDE no longer create a new instance of the sound every time they are accessed.
65278Framework » iOS » MobileMobileMoviePlayer: Volume now starts off at 100% instead of 0.
65660Framework » iOS » MobileSpecifying a color in Picture.SystemImage on iOS works again.
65700Framework » iOS » MobileSetting ParentSplitView.Detail on iOS 11 or iOS 12 no longer crashes the app.
65789Framework » iOS » MobileSound.Open is now supported.
65844Framework » iOS » MobileUsing PDFDocument no longer prevents app from being uploaded correctly to the App Store.
65931Framework » iOS » MobileiOSView: the AppearanceChanged event is now raised again.
66025Framework » iOS » MobileiOSMobileTable no longer loads all rows of a datasource before displaying the table.
66059Framework » iOS » MobileGraphics from MobileCanvas.Paint event now correctly reports the ScaleX and ScaleY.
66520Framework » iOS » MobilePDFGraphics.TextHeight returns now the right value on iOS for the received string.
37286Framework » macOSA control other than a TextField, ComboBox, or TextArea can now receive the focus initially.
63255Framework » macOSDragItem.AddItem no longer prevents drag from working if the DragItem being added to was already lacking any data attached to it.
63596Framework » macOSUInteger/Integer.FromString can now parse numbers with thousands separators in the string on macOS.
65523Framework » macOSOn macOS, the color sent to the DesktopColorPicker no longer shifts when the picker is shown.
65565Framework » macOSOn macOS, the underlying NSColorPanel in the DesktopColorPicker now has the same color profile as the window from which it was created.
66045Framework » macOSFolderItem: setting the CreationDateTime and ModificationDateTime no longer incorrectly offsets the time depending on time zone and daylight savings.
66120Framework » macOSVertical sliders on macOS 10.10 and 10.11 no longer crash/hang the app.
66319Framework » macOSFixed the minimum width of the DateTimePicker control on macOS to 130 points, so it fully display the time components plus the date.
66341Framework » macOSPicture.ApplyMask no longer fails if the mask to apply is immutable.
66424Framework » macOSGraphicsPath.AddRoundRectangle no longer crashes when passed invalid corner height/widths, we now throw an InvalidArgumentException in this case.
62839IDE » Auto CompleteAutocomplete now always replaces back to previous word boundary.
64067IDE » Auto CompleteThe code editor autocompleter will now only offer “If”, “Select” and “Try” after the keyword “End”.
64274IDE » Auto CompleteAutocomplete shows enum types after the As keyword again.
65332IDE » Auto CompleteWindows with Implicit Instance set to True show all of their items in autocomplete again.
65898IDE » Auto CompleteMid-line Autocompletes work better now.
65568IDE » Build AutomationCopyFiles Steps of Folders on Linux work again.
64002IDE » Code EditorElseIf blocks now work with code folding.
64852IDE » Code EditorWhen hovering over Int64Value of a Variant with the mouse, the declaration at the bottom of the screen will now report Int64Value returns Int64 instead of Int32.
65500IDE » Code EditorCode folding line near the folding box now draws using the correct color and no longer sticks out slightly when a complete block was folded (such as with a For loop).
65513IDE » Code EditorCode folding box click locations are now accurate, especially when the font size (and thus the folding box) changes.
65514IDE » Code EditorUsing arrow-up on a multiline selection in the code editor now places the cursor at the line above the selection, rather than the line above the last line of the selection.
65394IDE » Constant EditorString constants pasted into iOS projects are not longer auto-converted to Text.
64616IDE » DebuggerDebugger no longer crashes after closing a MobileScreen.
65489IDE » FileIOFixed a regression which caused Cutting & Pasting controls on Web Layouts to not mark the corresponding layouts as changed.
65519IDE » FileIOCollect Project Items again marks Images and External items so they will be saved the next time the project is saved.
65962IDE » FileIOFixed a bug in how the IDE sometimes saves macOS file types.
66040IDE » FileIORemoving a FileType or FileTypeGroup from a project will again mark the resource file to be rewritten on the next save.
66355IDE » FileIOSimple References is now automatically turned off for projects older than 2020r2 where the user has saved the project with Save As.
66487IDE » FileIOImporting Lingua locale files properly dirties the project again.
65575IDE » Find & ReplaceSearch & Replace no longer corrupts lines when the search criteria is found more than once in the same line.
65576IDE » Find & ReplaceSearch & Replace can handle multiple instances of a search string in method, event and delegate signatures again.
27995IDE » Icon EditorDropping an ICNS file containing JPEG2000 icons onto an Icon Editor no longer fails.
65293IDE » Icon EditorDragging an ICNS file onto an icon editor no longer corrupts the 16x16 and 32x32 icons.
63073IDE » InspectorAdjusted the size of the tooltip on the control identity inspector so long tooltips are no longer hidden.
64601IDE » InspectorProperties whose names contain spaces no longer have extra spaces in them when shown in the inspector.
64882IDE » InspectorChanging control super and then undo-ing no longer unnecessarily changes the control name.
65331IDE » InspectorIDE no longer crashes when undoing a change to the Localized property of a constant.
55830IDE » Layout EditorImproved mouse cursor positioning when dragging out a control from the Library on Windows.
66234IDE » Layout EditorDisplay icon in layout editor if specified for a segment in a MobileSegmentedButton.
66338IDE » Layout EditorScrollbars are now correctly drawn in the layout editor in Windows 11.
66504IDE » Layout EditorWebSDK layout editor picture drawing no longer swaps the values of the height and width properties.
65964IDE » LibraryPlugin Controls will now be treated like other Desktop controls and have their “Desktop” prefix removed from the Library name.
25744IDE » MiscellaneousCopying and pasting icons within the icon editor in Preview mode now also pastes the mask.
63914IDE » MiscellaneousWindows IDE: imported ActiveX/COM components no longer raise compile errors due to missing #endif line in generated property getter code.
64585IDE » MiscellaneousImages dragged onto the Icon Editor now have the correct resolution when the app is built.
64594IDE » MiscellaneousSubclassing WebApplication and adding a Constructor no longer causes a compile error.
64965IDE » MiscellaneousMobileScreen/MobileContainer: now properly saves/loads the orientation and device selection for text based projects.
65584IDE » MiscellaneousFixed some issues surrounding Undo and marking project items as changed.
65885IDE » MiscellaneousiOS Photos Access capabilities editor works again.
66177IDE » MiscellaneousFixed a regression where checking the iCloud Key Value Storage capability would cause a build failure.
66235IDE » MiscellaneousChanging the Inspector Behavior for a class now properly marks its subclasses as needing to be saved as well.
65533IDE » NavigatorThe first blessed app class can no longer be cut, copied, deleted or duplicated, but any duplicates now can.
65551IDE » NavigatorUndoing the paste of an event when one didn’t already exist now correctly removes the event.
65679IDE » NavigatorWindows/Linux: closing controls on MouseDown (while not returning true) no longer raises a potential failed assertion.
65550IDE » RenderingBinary Enumerations now follow the scope indicated in the IDE.
66006IDE » RenderingClicking Step In when debugging binary enum code no longer results in an empty debugger window.
66055LinguaLingua script files now have their own icon.
53587Remote Debugger StubIDE no longer gets into a state where it can no longer remote debug after several failed attempts due to compile errors.
138 Bug Fixes


65199Database Plugins » SQLiteUpdated SQLiteDatabase plugin to version 3.36.0.
59813Framework » AllPDFGraphics supports now the Transparency property.
61679Framework » AllAdded Alpha support for Colors in PDFDocument.
64904Framework » AllAdded the ability to add TOC (Table Of Content) index to PDFDocument.
65003Framework » AllAdded the ability to add AcroForms (Forms) to PDFDocument.
65055Framework » AllAbility to add transitions to PDFDocument pages, so they are animated when opening the PDF document in “Slideshow” or “presentation” mode.
65159Framework » AllAdded CurrentPage and PageCount properties to PDFDocument. When a value is assigned to CurrentPage, it determines the current graphics context to draw into on the PDF document.
65247Framework » AllNow it is possible to set the current graphic context to any of the existing pages in the PDFDocument through the CurrentPage property. Also added a PageCount property.
65624Framework » AllTransparency model added to PDFDocument for text, shapes, images and also the value from the alpha component in the DrawingColor color.
65701Framework » AllAdded two new Methods to Encrypt/Decrypt data using BlowFish algorithm:

Crypto.BlowFishEncrypt(key As String, data As MemoryBlock, blockMode As BlockModes=BlockModes.CBC, initializationVector As MemoryBlock) As MemoryBlock

Crypto.BlowFishDecrypt(key As String, data As MemoryBlock, blockMode As BlockModes=BlockModes.CBC, initializationVector As MemoryBlock) As MemoryBlock
65753Framework » AllAdded missing graphics methods/properties and new features to the PDFDocument.Template method.
66170Framework » AllRemoved PDF module (namespace) to avoid duplicated entries when using the Autocomplete feature in the IDE.
66326Framework » AllPDFDocument.AddControl signature changed so it accepts now a ParamArray of PDFControl instances as parameter. That way it is possible to add several PDFControl instances at once to the PDF Form.

Also added a second method:

PDFDocument.AddControl(controls() as PDFControl)
66342Framework » AllAdded the following properties / methods to PDFPopupMenu.

LastAddedRowIndex LastRowIndex RowCount RowValueAt SelectedRowValue SelectedRowIndex RemoveAllRows AddAllRows AddRow AddRowAt

66343Framework » AllAdded the following properties / methods to PDFComboBox.

LastAddedRowIndex LastRowIndex RowCount RowValueAt SelectedRowValue SelectedRowIndex RemoveAllRows AddAllRows AddRow AddRowAt

66346Framework » AllAdded the following properties / methods to PDFListBox.

LastAddedRowIndex LastRowIndex RowCount Rows SelectedRowValue SelectedRowIndex RemoveAllRows AddAllRows AddRow AddRowAt

66417Framework » AllPDFLink draws now the outline rectangle using the “white” color for the Border in the generated data stream for these kind of objects, so it looks better when displayed in Acrobat Reader and other PDF viewer apps.
63039Framework » DesktopImages are rendered now as RAW data; that is, without the DCTEncoding that was causing compression artifacts and other undesirable quality side-effects in previous releases. It also introduces support for images with transparency mask (PNG) and a more accurate color profile.
65438Framework » DesktopSegment.Title is now deprecated, use Segment.Caption instead.
65861Framework » DesktopDesktopOpenGLSurface API changes:

- DoubleBuffer => Composited - ContextHandle As Integer => ContextHandle As Ptr

- OpenGLSurface now marked as deprecated
66296Framework » DesktopDesktopListBoxRow: added back methods CellTextAt, CellTagAt and CellTypeAt. Also added CellCheckBoxValueAt and CellCheckBoxStateAt. Removed the Cells iterator and CellAt function.
65835Framework » WebThe bootstrap icon set for the Web Framework has been updated to v1.5.
64854Framework » WindowsUpdated Windows WebKit HTMLViewer to CEF 90.6.7+g19ba721+chromium-90.0.4430.212.
65606Framework » WindowsAdded “clear” widget to the SearchControl on Windows.
66308Framework » WindowsNow checks the environment variable XOJO_WIN32_DARKMODE_DISABLED for appropriate values (like “True” or “1”) when disabling dark mode.
65648Framework » iOS » MobileAdded support for Graphics.Transparency on iOS.
65880Framework » iOS » MobileThe iOS SDK has been updated to iOS 15.
65887Framework » iOS » MobileIcons can now be added to NotificationResponseButtons in iOS 15.
65976Framework » iOS » MobileMobileToolbarButton.FromHandle now has an optional boolean parameter to indicate that your custom button will be handling its own events.
66022Framework » iOS » MobileDeprecated iOSBlock, use ObjCBlock instead.
66106Framework » iOS » MobileAdded Time-Sensitive Notification Capability and FocusPriority and Relevance properties to the iOS NotificationContent and RemoteNotification.Message classes to enable support for the new iOS 15 “Focus” feature.
66221Framework » iOS » MobileRefactored the code that decides what gets moved when a keyboard appears on macOS.
65855IDE » Auto CompleteAutocomplete now shows ColorGroup icons.
65395IDE » Code EditorCode folding indicator is no longer shown in the Debugger code viewer, since it doesn't make sense to fold code that you will be stepping through in the debugger.
65414IDE » Code EditorWith a code editor open, you can now jump to a specific line in the code using “#50” (for example) in addition to the previously allowed "50".
66034IDE » FileIODesktop projects which have been upgraded to Desktop API 2 now use a compressed format for the icon resources.
49940IDE » Icon EditorApple ICNS files are now accepted by the Icon Editors in the Linux and Windows IDE.
57396IDE » MiscellaneousThe icon editor now supports dropping Windows ICO files onto it.
58918IDE » MiscellaneousThe default height of the IDE has been increased from 515 to 750.
65661IDE » MiscellaneousThe Run Remotely menu is no longer enabled for iOS projects.
65772IDE » MiscellaneousLegacy projects (that have not updated their Application subclass to the new DesktopApplication class) will continue to insert legacy Windows, ContainerControls, and MenuBars.
41 Changes

New Items

54345CompilermacOS Intel, ARM, and Universal builds can now be built with the Windows/Linux IDE.
31944Framework » AllImplemented TwoFish algorithm for the Crypto Module.
59479Framework » AllAdded AES and TwoFish algorithms, plus SHA256/SHA512 signing/verifying for RSA.
63518Framework » AllAdded SHA-3 algorithm to Crypto Module.
64479Framework » AllAdded String.Codepoints iterator that returns the codepoint values of the string.
65294Framework » AllAdded CRC32 as additional algorithm to Crypto.Hash method.
65994Framework » DesktopAdded a special environment variable XOJO_WIN32_DARKMODE_DISABLED that can be setup in their App Opening event to override dark mode support on Windows. Note: typically you would compile your app without the enabled “Supports Dark Mode” in the Shared Build settings if you don’t want to support dark mode at all.
65999Framework » DesktopAdded DesktopRadioButton as a control, and updated DesktopRadioGroup implementation to be able to return and add these items as actual controls. Desktop conversions can now handle converting RadioButton to DesktopRadioButton.
47975Framework » iOS » MobileSigning iOS Enterprise Applications is now supported.
66137IDE » MiscellaneousAdded an OSHandle class which gracefully converts between Ptr and Integer for use with declares. Added two attributes for use with External Methods: “platform” which indicates which platform the method is used on (takes mac(OS), Win(dows) or Linux), and “handlenames” which takes a comma delimited list of integer parameter names which should take either an Integer or a Ptr.
66012IDE » Refactoring ToolsA new Analysis Warnings option has been added which allows opting in or out of getting warnings about API 2 Desktop control deprecations when running Analyze Project.
65002IDE » ScriptingAdded a method to IDE Scripting called DebugLog which writes a message to the IDE messages pane.
65571InstallerThe Xojo Windows installer will now allow installation on ARM64 configurations.
47037Plugin SDKPlugins SDK: added REALIsXojoThread, and REALIsXojoMainThread to determine if the currently executed code is in a Xojo thread, or Xojo's main thread. This is currently only supported for Console (including Web) and Desktop projects.
14 New Items

Docs and Examples

66044ExamplesThe TrayExample project now uses Picture.CopyMask instead of the deprecated Picture.Mask.
66051ExamplesThe TrayExample nows uses Self where appropriate rather than Me.
59772Language Reference » DocumentationThe WebApplication class events Pausing, Resuming and Stopping have been documented.
60640Language Reference » DocumentationSize.Height documentation has been updated to reflect that Height is a double, not a Size.
63485Language Reference » DocumentationThe constructor for ShadowBrush is now documented.
63486Language Reference » DocumentationThe documentation now accurately reflects that SleepCurrent is part of Thread, not Application.
63579Language Reference » DocumentationAntiAliased and ClipToPath of the Graphics class are no longer incorrectly listed as compatible with the PDFGraphics class in documentation.
63994Language Reference » DocumentationThe documentation page for BinaryStream.Handle now correctly indicates the type of the parameter as Integer.
64524Language Reference » DocumentationThe MobileToolbarButton.Types page has been updated to include descriptions of each type, removed the no longer supported PageCurl type and added the Close type.
64821Language Reference » DocumentationThe WebListBox.SearchCriteria property no longer incorrectly indicates that it's supported for all project types.
64894Language Reference » DocumentationThe DesktopColorPicker control is now documented.
65370Language Reference » DocumentationIt is now documented that the WebListBox.ColumnCount cannot be changed after the Opening event.
65473Language Reference » DocumentationType parameters for many Operator functions that were missing from the documentation, have been added.
65499Language Reference » DocumentationAn instance of MsgBox on the MessageBox page of the documentation has been updated to MessageBox.
65555Language Reference » DocumentationThe documentation that erroneously indicated that WebLink has its own Multiline property has been removed. WebLink inherits from WebLabel which has a Multiline property.
65557Language Reference » DocumentationWebApplication.DefaultWebPage is now correctly listed on the index page in the documentation as a property rather than as a method.
65587Language Reference » DocumentationSome typos in code examples for String.Trim in the documentation have been fixed.
65588Language Reference » DocumentationA typo in the documentation for String.ToInteger has been fixed.
65592Language Reference » DocumentationThe WebLabel.Pressed event is now documented.
65594Language Reference » DocumentationURLConnection.Send doc page makes it clearer that the version with a FolderItem signature downloads the output to the specified FolderItem.
65612Language Reference » DocumentationAn example in the documentation for DataSet has been fixed.
65613Language Reference » DocumentationAll the operator methods now have an underscore in their titles in the documentation.
65614Language Reference » DocumentationUpdated EncodeURLComponent page in the language reference to remove the comment about it not being available on iOS.
65634Language Reference » DocumentationAdded a note to the documentation for Worker.JobRequested about how to indicate that no more jobs are available to process.
65707Language Reference » DocumentationThe description that was missing from the MobileApplication.LaunchOptions page has been added.
65733Language Reference » DocumentationListBox.AddAllRows is now documented.
66053Language Reference » DocumentationThe example code for WebChart.Mode now reflects the fact that the property is read-only.
66219Language Reference » DocumentationA typo in a code example for PopupMenu has been fixed.
66246Language Reference » DocumentationiOS: deprecated GraphicsPath.Point, added GraphicsPath.CurrentPoint as replacement for consistency with what is already documented.
66375Language Reference » DocumentationPushButton.MacButtonStyle is no longer described as being read-only at runtime.
66395Language Reference » DocumentationThe error in the code example for MemoryBlock.ColorValue has been fixed.
66409Language Reference » DocumentationThe Arrays.Sort example code in the Documentation has been updated to use DateTime instead of Date.
66474Language Reference » DocumentationAn error in the example code on the DateTime.SecondsFrom1970 page has been fixed.
66475Language Reference » DocumentationAn error in the example code on the DateInternal.Days page has been fixed.
66476Language Reference » DocumentationAn error in the example code on the DateInternal.Years page has been fixed.
35 Docs and Examples