2021r1.1 Release Notes

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(April 22, 2021)

This release has important improvements to Xojo 2021r1.

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Release Notes

Bug Fixes (22 cases)

Case Area Description
64350 Build Worker Helper console apps can be built as Universal.
64239 Framework » All Array dimension bounds are no longer reset to -1 for multi-dimensional arrays if the first bounds was setup as -1.
64245 Framework » All JSONItem.Child, ChildAt, Value and ValueAt return the contained object instead of a copy again.
64250 Framework » All JSONItem.ValueAt no longer raises an exception when replacing one value with another.
64271 Framework » All Fixed an issue which caused Toolbar item updates to be slower than they needed to be, which also affects IDE performance.
64020 Framework » Desktop macOS: Graphics.ShadowBrush, in combination with an assigned GraphicsBrush, no longer ignores the PenSize.
64136 Framework » Desktop CalendarControl doesn't send the DateChanged event on Windows every time the user clicks the months arrows and GraphicalDisplay is set.
64229 Framework » Desktop Windows doesn't "beep" anymore when the SearchField control has the focus and the user hits the Enter key.
64308 Framework » Desktop Fixed a bug when the SearchField control loses the focus on macOS and the instance is released (for example, the containing control/window is closed).
64477 Framework » Desktop Windows/Linux: Object2D rotation now rotates around the correct center-point again.
64408 Framework » Linux When compiling with Normalize Control Sizes enabled, the controls are now correctly resized to the height specified instead of resized to their natural height.
63378 Framework » Web Fixed a memory leak in the web app HTTP request engine.
64234 Framework » Web WebDatePicker will now automatically strip the locale from a session locale if it doesn’t have a specific localization configuration.
64352 Framework » Web Fixed a WebFileUploader buffer overrun issue which caused files smaller than 10MB to have extra data tacked onto the end of the file.
64417 Framework » Web Now using a more accurate method for detecting touch vs mouse events to avoid doubled events on mobile devices while maintaining event behavior on Google Chrome.
64356 Framework » iOS » Mobile iOSGraphics Width/Height no longer reports negative values.
62842 Framework » macOS Windows with a Toolbar on macOS Big Sur no longer have their contents truncated.
64486 Framework » macOS Graphics: Drawing Text with Outline enabled on a printer Graphics context now works properly.
64230 IDE » Layout Editor The default event handler for the SearchField control is TextChanged.
64222 IDE » Miscellaneous Back and Forward toolbar buttons work again.
64419 Lingua Lingua now correctly redraws the UI when switching between light/dark modes when it is open.
64445 Remote Debugger Stub Remote Debugger Console: fixed auto launching console apps on macOS.

Changes (4 cases)

Case Area Description
64315 Compiler Linkers on macOS are now Universal.
64267 Framework » Desktop TextChanged is now the by default Event Handler for SearchField.
64446 Lingua Debugger Stubs, Lingua and Image Maker apps are now macOS Universal.
64304 Remote Debugger Stub The Desktop Remote Debugger Stub on macOS is now a Universal Binary.

New Items (4 cases)

Case Area Description
64351 Build iOS apps now run natively as arm64 builds in the Simulator on M1 Macs.
64174 Framework » Desktop Added DesktopColorPicker control which allows use of the asynchronous Color Picker control on macOS and continues to use synchronous picker on Windows & Linux.
64405 Lingua Added LocalizedStringName Lingua scripting command.
64406 Lingua Added Clipboard Lingua scripting command.

Docs and Examples (1 case)

Case Area Description
64331 Examples Updated all Desktop/Web examples so that macOS Architecture setting is Universal.