2020r2 Release Notes

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Xojo 2020 Release 2 is now available with over 230 changes and improvements.

Major changes include:

  • iOS API 2.0
    • The new iOS API 2.0 framework uses String and Variant and greatly improves code compatibility with Desktop and Web.
    • There are many updated Mobile controls, including all-new MobileMoviePlayer and MobileMapViewer.
    • New iOS features such as Notifications, URL schemes, app shortcuts, modal screens, badges and more.
    • Many common framework features are now available including URLConnection, XMLDocument, RegEx, UDPSocket and more.
    • Plugin support.
  • Apple Silicon (M1) Native Compilation
    • You can now build both Universal Binary and Native Apple Silicon apps for Mac to support the latest M1 Macs that were recently released.
  • Desktop
  • Graphics enhancements
    • LineCap, LineJoin properties
    • Brush property with support for LinearGradientBrush, RadialGradientBrush, ShadowBrush and PictureBrush.
    • ShadowBrush property and ShadowBrush class for applying shadow effects.

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

61314CompilerBuilding 64-bit apps from the Windows IDE no longer hangs indefinitely while linking on some PC configurations.
62219CompilerIDE can link console apps when running on a case-sensitive APFS volume again.
59997Crashes & Assertions » CrashBackground tasks that may be triggered by plugins calling REALYieldToRB can no longer be invoked again if the background task has not already finished.
61726Crashes & Assertions » CrashIDE no longer crashes if you delete Feedback while the IDE is running.
62340Crashes & Assertions » Failed AssertionIDE no longer asserts when resuming an iOS app after a breakpoint when the app was run with "Run Paused".
61815Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionIDE no longer crashes if a window closes while the IDE is trying to create a new tab.
61819Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionIDE no longer crashes if you undo the addition of a new FileTypeGroup after changing the name of the first FileType.
62178Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionIDE should no longer crash when deleting controls from a layout that has just been pasted into the project.
62000Database Plugins » MySQLMySQLCommunityServer: Executing SQL statements without binding the correct amount of parameters now raises an error/exception.
57977Database Plugins » ODBCODBCDatabase: DataSourceNames is now deprecated, use DataSources instead. DriverNames is now deprecated, use Drivers instead. The new replacement methods return RowSets instead of RecordSets like the deprecated methods.
61862Database Plugins » PostgreSQLPostgreSQLDatabase: now supports RowSet's MoveToFirstRow, MoveToLastRow, MoveToPreviousRow. This fixes some RowSet iteration issues using For Each.
61971Database Plugins » SQLiteSQLiteDatabase: Executing SQL statements without binding the correct amount of parameters now raises an error/exception.
39530Framework » AllFormat function now handles unicode characters properly instead of potentially truncating the format string because it assumed all characters were 1 byte in length.
60872Framework » AllSubtracting a Nil DateTime now raises a NilObjectException instead of crashing.
61126Framework » AllEasyTCPSocket no longer throws an OutOfBoundsException if it tries to process a buffer that ends up being smaller than the length portion of the packet (4 bytes).
61965Framework » AllListbox.HeaderBackgroundPaint event no longer unnecessarily fires when the Graphics bounds are not even usable (i.e. if the Width or Height are 0).
61994Framework » AllStructures that contain arrays in them no longer raises a deprecation warning.
61998Framework » AllString.ToDouble no longer raises an InvalidArgumentException on empty strings, but now returns 0, just like the other ToInteger, etc. methods.
61186Framework » DesktopDesktop projects can no longer contain more than one class which is a first-level subclass of "Application".
62312Framework » DesktopFixed encoding issue.
56265Framework » LinuxLinux IDE: changing the selection in the code editor no longer leaks memory.
61897Framework » LinuxLinux: a new MenuItem that is created and destroyed no longer leaks memory.
61898Framework » LinuxMenuItem.AddMenu no longer leaks the child MenuItem when the SubMenu is destructed.
20033Framework » WebConsole graphics: when AntiAliasMode is set to HighQuality, drawing a scaled picture now blends/aliases the image at a higher quality than the DefaultQuality.
53053Framework » WebUploadProgressed events now fire more consistently.
61396Framework » WebWebListboxes now refresh correctly when placed on a WebPagePanel or WebTabPanel and their containing panel is shown.
61578Framework » WebWebView.Resized events now fire whenever the parent control resizes and the view's size actually changes.
61711Framework » WebWhen a WebSession is being closed a WebSessionContext is now created so the Session method can return something meaningful.
61729Framework » WebWebListbox refreshes properly on WebDialogs.
61733Framework » WebJust having a WebSDK control in a web project no longer causes compile errors in the Session class that developers can't fix.
61787Framework » WebThe WebSDK gravatar example has been updated.
61788Framework » WebSetting WebComboBox.Value to an empty string or SelectedRowIndex to -1 now correctly clears the field.
61874Framework » WebPrevent ChrB deprecation warning that can appear when using WebRadioGroup in Web 2.0.
61877Framework » WebWebSDKControl.SessionJavascriptURLs no longer sends duplicate URLs to the browser.
61932Framework » WebWebComboBox now initializes properly if the SelectedRowIndex in the Inspector is > -1 and InitialValue has no content.
61953Framework » WebWebDatepicker no longer shows the selection popover when the control is set to read-only.
62550Framework » WebChanged TextWidth calculation on PDFGraphics so it doesn't takes into account the CharacterSpacing when the PDF is generated for Web/Console.
52880Framework » WindowsCode that causes the destruction of TextField/TextArea control (which could also originate from Listbox) in the KeyDown event no longer crashes.
61090Framework » WindowsWhen a WebKit based HTMLViewer receives focus, by any means other than being tabbed to, the Window.Focus property now correctly reports the HTMLViewer as having focus.
61981Framework » WindowsWe now prefer software rendering (when drawing on screen) if we detect the video card driver only supports WDDM < 1.3. We'll still prefer hardware rendering when not drawing on screen (for example with Picture.Graphics). This avoids potential crashes and assertions that may occur because of how the older WDDM drivers implement on screen rendering.
62165Framework » WindowsHTMLViewer: a JavaScript call to executeInXojo no longer runs the JavaScriptRequest event in a non UI-thread on Windows. This led to random crashes depending on what was executed in the HTMLViewer.JavaScriptRequest event.
37447Framework » iOS » MobileiOSView.Handle now returns a pointer to the underlying UIView instead of the ViewController. The ViewController can still be reached through the ViewControllerHandle.
42371Framework » iOS » MobileThread.CurrentThread no longer returns Nil when there is an active current thread running.
46165Framework » iOS » MobileiOSControl.RemoveControl no longer crashes.
48947Framework » iOS » MobileSingle mode Timer now fires more than once after it is reset.
59206Framework » iOS » MobileMobileButtons now use their selected color at runtime.
60046Framework » iOS » MobileiOSControl.Close event now fires properly, and no longer crashes when removed from a parent control.
60727Framework » iOS » MobileRuntimeException: Stack and StackFrames, along with the StackFrame class, is now accessible for iOS.
61350Framework » iOS » MobileSetting the Timer Mode/Period now invalidates its state and resets it, just like it behaves on other platforms.
61775Framework » iOS » MobileLarge titles are no longer minimized by default on iOS 13 and iOS 14 when the content of the view contains a scrollable area with overflowing content.
61939Framework » iOS » MobileAdded Picture.SystemImage shared method to match iOSImage.SystemImage.
62120Framework » iOS » MobileMobileButton.CaptionColor allows you to set the color again.
56534Framework » macOSComboBox Change event no longer fires repeatedly (especially if the selection didn’t change) when the window is activated.
60291Framework » macOSSpecialFolder.Applications returns /Applications on Catalina again.
60678Framework » macOSFolderItem.Child: A name that contain separator characters (i.e. ‘/‘) now correctly resolves the name to the underlying representation (i.e. ‘:’).
61243Framework » macOSWindows with toolbars now have the correct size when shown.
61923Framework » macOSHTMLViewer no longer crashes after printing on macOS.
61758IDE » Attributes EditorAdding an attribute that doesn't require a value using the contextual menu now immediately commits the value.
41217IDE » Auto CompleteAutocomplete now works for extension methods in other classes.
57141IDE » Auto CompleteFixed a few edge cases in the code editor autocomplete engine regarding Enumerations which caused it to offer things that wouldn't compile.
58992IDE » Auto CompleteAutocomplete ellipsis shows up in the code editor again when the list contains items with predicates such as Is, Has or Allows.
60626IDE » Auto CompleteThe Indicators enumeration now only shows up on the WebUIControl class and not on instances of it.
61356IDE » Auto CompleteCrypto autocompletes again.
62175IDE » Auto CompleteRenamed App classes now show user-added items in autocomplete.
62183IDE » Auto CompleteThe Color.ToString method now appears in Autocomplete.
62196IDE » Auto Complete"New" is now included in the autocomplete list after "As".
62311IDE » Auto CompleteCode lines which are Declare definitions show up in autocomplete again.
62679IDE » Auto CompleteDeclares no longer appear as a big red box in autocomplete menus
61296IDE » AutoLayoutDragItem.MacData and DragItem.MacDataAvailable are now correctly marked as Deprecated.
61634IDE » Build ToolsRunning web projects on Windows uses the correct URL format again.
60929IDE » Code EditorAdding lines to a note too quickly will no longer raise an OutOfBoundsException.
62164IDE » Code EditorEnums whose value happens to also be a keyword are no longer drawn in the color specified for keywords.
58652IDE » Enum EditorThe enumeration type field is now readable in dark mode when it gets focus.
58810IDE » Enum EditorEnumeration editor no longer allows values containing line endings.
58471IDE » FileIOSaving text projects no longer incorrectly places quotes around boolean and numeric values.
61111IDE » FileIOmacOS App Nap is now disabled when saving projects.
61031IDE » FileTypes EditorThe file types editor no longer removes the "physical type" of a file type that matches the type being created. For types that don't match, the value will still be stripped. That is File =, Folder = public.folder and Package =
57036IDE » InspectorThe method editor no longer suggests deprecated methods when creating a new method on a subclass.
61872IDE » InspectorWorkers no longer display Super or Interface in the Inspector. You can no longer change a generic class’s Super to be a Worker.
61952IDE » InspectorThe word "Text" can now be used as a property name.
62014IDE » InspectorIOS Capabilities editors now all have consistent add/remove buttons.
62748IDE » InspectorDo not display ControlCount property in MobileScreen Inspector.
59263IDE » Layout EditorWindow Layout Editor now properly starts in dark mode when system is in dark mode.
61782IDE » LibraryWebSDKUIControls show their icons in the Navigator and Library again.
56848IDE » MiscellaneousFiles missing from external build scripts now show a better error message in the resolution dialog.
61480IDE » MiscellaneousIDE now provides a more user friendly UI to report any issues/errors that occurred when loading plugins. The information is now displayed alongside the loaded plugins list in the About Box.
61525IDE » MiscellaneousLinux IDE: copying and pasting text in the code editor no longer intermittently fails.
61813IDE » MiscellaneousAdjust height of start/close button on Getting Started Window for Linux.
62182IDE » MiscellaneousAbout window is now tall enough on Windows to show all of the text.
62412IDE » MiscellaneousPrevent exception that could occur when selecting OK in the Project Chooser window when no App ID is specified.
62098IDE » RenderingWhen plugins cross reference classes from another plugin we no longer incorrectly generate dependencies when the plugin is not used at all.
62290IDE » ScriptingHaving the "Apply standardize format after ending line" preference enabled no longer causes the IDE to strip empty parenthesis from code lines.
12166MiscellaneousThe spotlight plugin has been updated.
62346Plugin SDKThe following String extension methods are now accessible to plugins:

- BeginsWith - Compare - EndsWith - IndexOf - IndexOfBytes - IsEmpty - LastField

- MiddleBytes
94 Bug Fixes


11536CompilerMod and Integer Div operators now uses Int64 as the common type (instead of Int32) when floating point values are supplied to prevent overflow.
62456Database Plugins » ODBCUpdated ODBCDatabase plugin with macOS arm64 target.
62402Database Plugins » PostgreSQLUpdated PostgreSQLDatabase plugin with macOS arm64 target.
61362Database Plugins » SQLiteSQLite has been updated to 3.33.0.
61161Framework » AllAdded EndOfLine.CR, LF, CRLF, iOS, and Android properties. Enabled EndOfLine function for iOS.
61318Framework » AllAllow DateTime.ToString to be called with format styles without also having to pass in a Locale.
61795Framework » AllDeprecated Xojo.Math functions.
62610Framework » AllNow the PDFGraphics.DrawLine do strokes the path but does not closes it, so the LineDash is more properly applied and also impacts positively how other operations are added to the current path on PDF.
61762Framework » DesktopChanged involved Property and Event names:

Value is now Text

ValueChanged is now TextChanged
51717Framework » WebWeb favicon support has been re-enabled.
62078Framework » WebWebApplications now show a better error on the terminal if they can't start, suggesting that the user check if the port(s) is/are already in use.
62413Framework » WebUpdated the WebFile.Download method to be more compatible with modern browsers.
62181Framework » WindowsOn Windows, System.Version now sets its PatchVersion to the Windows build number.
61148Framework » iOS » MobileiOS-prefixed controls and classes are now marked as deprecated.
61298Framework » iOS » MobileAdded MobileView.Show(parent As MobileView = Nil) method to better match other platforms.
61938Framework » iOS » MobileAdded Activated, Deactivating and Closing events to MobileApplication.
61948Framework » iOS » MobileThe minimum iOS version is now 11.0.
62431Framework » iOS » MobileMobileTextField now has a ReturnCaption property for specifying which caption should be on the RETURN key of the keyboard and a ReturnPressed event that tells you when it was pressed. Returning True in the event prevents the keyboard from dismissing.
62507Framework » iOS » MobileMobileUIControl.TintColor is now a ColorGroup instead of a Color property.
62513Framework » iOS » MobileMobileApplication now has read-only properties for MajorVersion, MinorVersion, BugVersion and NonReleaseVersion which pull their values from the app's plist file.
62529Framework » iOS » MobileAdded Thread.YieldToNext for iOS.
62706Framework » iOS » MobileMigrated iOSUserControl to iOSMobileUserControl.
62722Framework » iOS » MobileThe Graphics.Handle property on iOS has been removed as it duplicated the functionality of the Graphics.Handle method which matches the other platforms.
60771Framework » macOSNow supports building macOS ARM 64-bit (Apple Silicon) apps. Added ability to create Universal apps with x86_64 and macOS ARM 64-bit targets.
62646IDE » GraphicsIDE now has a Big Sur style icon.
62517IDE » InspectorColor properties in IOS projects are now only selectable as ColorGroups.
62569IDE » InspectorTo prevent confusion between API 2.0 class names and classes in the Xojo namespaces, we do not display the Simple References setting in the iOS Shared Build settings for OS projects created in 2020r2 or later. It will default to OFF.
62637IDE » InspectorRenamed Video to Movie for MobileMoviePlayer in the inspector.
57675IDE » Layout EditorDouble-clicking an object in the layout editor now always opens the Add Event dialog.
61943IDE » Layout EditorThe iOS Layout Editor now offers a screen size for iPad Pro.
62141IDE » Layout EditoriOS Layout Editor now has sizes for the new iPhone 12.
61136IDE » MiscellaneousOn macOS, the color picker in the IDE is now asynchronous.
62688IDE » MiscellaneousThe minimum system version for the macOS IDE is now 10.13.6.
62204IDE » RenderingAdded a default value for the NSPhotoLibraryAddUsageDescription plist key.
61806Plugin SDKUpdated Plugins SDK documentation.
35 Changes

New Items

41447BuildNon-release version is now included in iOS plists.
59897BuildGoing forward, macOS projects created in 2020r2 or higher will have a build folder named "macOS 64 bit".
61397BuildRemote debugging macOS arm64 apps now works instead of failing to launch due to permissions error.
9515Framework » AllAdded the Worker class which can run code on multiple CPU cores.
13801Framework » AllDateTimePicker control for macOS, Windows and Linux.
36137Framework » AlliOS now uses standard TCPSocket.
59808Framework » AllAdded CharacterSpacing support to PDF Graphics Context.
60516Framework » AllGraphics: Added LineCap and LineJoin properties. This affects how lines are rendered, see documentation for additional details.
60518Framework » AllAdded Graphics.Brush property with support for LinearGradientBrush, RadialGradientBrush, ShadowBrush and PictureBrush. Refer to documentation for usage.
60667Framework » AllAdded Graphics.ShadowBrush property, and ShadowBrush class, to apply shadow effect for all drawing functions.
60973Framework » AllColorGroups are now available in Desktop projects.
61767Framework » AllListbox.HeaderHeight is now settable. A value of -1 will cause the Listbox to use the default OS header height.
62255Framework » DesktopThe Time section adheres to Local User Settings under Windows. macOS 12/24H mode adheres to the user Preferences, so it is not possible to change that at runtime using the exposed HourMode property. By the other hand, now the control updates itself on the fly to apply the 12/24H mode changes made by the user in the macOS preferences.
58479Framework » MobileMobileApplication now has Activated and Deactivating events.
60305Framework » MobileAdded MobileMapViewer control and MapLocation class.
62348Framework » MobileAdded MobileScreen.Controls and MobileUIControl.Controls to iterate through all UI controls.
62423Framework » MobileMobileMoviePlayer: added PositionChanged event that is fired at 1/2 second intervals when the movie position changes.
62424Framework » MobileAdded MobileMoviePlayer.HasController which defaults to True (i.e. shows movie controllers).
21305Framework » WebWebPopupMenu now supports groups.
61766Framework » WebWebMenuItem now has AddSeparator and AddSeparatorAt helper methods.
35102Framework » iOS » MobileAdded MobileView.ShowModal(parent As MobileView, style As ModalPresentationStyles = ModalPresentationStyles.Automatic, animate As Boolean = True).
35107Framework » iOS » MobileRegEx is now supported on iOS.
36098Framework » iOS » MobileAdded ShowURL() method for use by iOS projects.
36469Framework » iOS » MobileAdded AutoCapitalizationType, AutoCorrectionType and SpellCheckingType properties (and corresponding enums) for use with MobileTextArea and MobileTextField.
36694Framework » iOS » MobileAdded MobileUIControl.SetFocus() and ClearFocus() methods.
37084Framework » iOS » MobileXML classes are now supported on iOS.
37300Framework » iOS » MobileAdded MobileView.TabBarVisible property that controls whether the TabBar appears for the view when it is shown.
37686Framework » iOS » MobileAdded UDPSocket class to iOS.
38870Framework » iOS » MobileMobileApplication now has a TintColor property which affects the entire application.
44402Framework » iOS » MobileAdded MobileiOSTable.SelectRow(section As Integer, row As Integer) method and SelectedRow As Pair read-only property.
45363Framework » iOS » MobileAdded AutoCapitalizationType, AutoCorrectionType and SpellCheckingType properties (and corresponding enums) for use with MobileTextArea and MobileTextField.
45746Framework » iOS » MobileAdded iOSSplitView.DisplayMode and DisplayModes enum to control how the split view is displayed.
45965Framework » iOS » MobileMobileTable now has the option of showing a search field.
46460Framework » iOS » MobileRegEx is now supported on iOS.
50855Framework » iOS » MobileThe mobile framework now supports Local and Remote Notifications.
57731Framework » iOS » MobileiOS apps now support String and Variant types.
58377Framework » iOS » MobileAdded a HandleURL event to the MobileApplication class for handling requests from custom URL schemas.
58378Framework » iOS » MobileiOS Applications now support creating and handling Application Shortcuts.
59274Framework » iOS » MobileAdded Font.FromHandle(handle as Ptr) shared method for creating fonts from a handle that you would get from a declare.
60319Framework » iOS » MobileXML classes are now supported on iOS.
61294Framework » iOS » MobileAdded MobileApplication.IconBadgeNumber As Integer property for setting the notification badge number.
61295Framework » iOS » MobileAdded Clipboard class for iOS projects with initial support for String values.
61315Framework » iOS » MobileFor iOS, added System.DeviceData class and System.Device property for accessing it.
61507Framework » iOS » MobileAdded iOSTabBar.BadgeAt(index As Integer) As String method to set and get a badge value for a tab.
61717Framework » iOS » MobileAdded a File Sharing option to the iOS Capabilities panel which makes the app appear when connected to iTunes or Finder (10.15+) giving direct access to the app's Documents folder.
62188Framework » iOS » MobileAddUserInterfaceUpdate and its corresponding event are now available on the mobile Thread class.
62284Framework » iOS » MobileAdded new iOSCountDownPicker control to display a countdown timer UI.
62429Framework » iOS » MobileMovie class is now available for iOS.

- Added MoviePlayer.Movie - MoviePlayer.SoundVolume is now Volume

- The following properties are now deprecated for the Desktop Movie class: BaseMovieHeight, BaseMovieWidth, MovieHeight, MovieWidth, and Handle. Use the new Width and Height properties instead.
62490Framework » iOS » MobileNotificationContent now has a Handle property to access the underlying UNMutableNotificationContent object.
62570Framework » iOS » MobileMobileNotifications.ProcessUserResponse has been renamed UserResponded.
62397Framework » macOSOn macOS you can now get the alternating table row background colors using the names: primaryContentBackgroundColor and secondaryContentBackgroundColor.
62172IDE » Auto CompleteWhen choosing a deprecated item with a replacement from autocomplete, you can now hold down the SHIFT key to insert the replacement item instead of the deprecated one.
62711IDE » Build AutomationIDE: now supports scripting Universal builds by invoking BuildApp with a value of 9.
62716IDE » Icon EditorIcon and Image Asset editors now accept multiple file drops at the same time and will attempt to put the files where they belong based on size, pixel density and name.
62016IDE » InspectorPhoto and Camera access strings can now be edited in the iOS Capabilities editor.
60760IDE » Layout EditorUpdated iOS layout editor with sizes for all existing devices compatible with iOS 14.
61941IDE » Layout EditorAdded a DebugLog method to the WebSDKUIControl drawing context for debugging purposes.
57 New Items

Docs and Examples

62305Documentation » TutorialUpdated Introduction to Programming Guide, Chapter 5.7 to be compatible with Web 2.0.
61878Documentation » User's GuideUpdated link to InstallJammer on User Guide topic:
50807ExamplesiOS SplitViewExample now works properly when run on phone devices.
56307ExamplesExample projects updated for consistency and coding style.
59212ExamplesUpdated code in iOS DynamicControl example to not use “rect” as a variable name.
61890ExamplesCleaned up Template project code formatting and updated for API 2.0 usage.
62013ExamplesRemoved the CGIApplication template project as the project is out-of-date, CGI is no longer commonly used and a web project using HandleURL is a better and simpler alternative.
62068ExamplesWorker example projects now have text Labels describing how to use them.
62069ExamplesNew example projects: Framework/IntrospectionExample, Games/Mole, iOS/Controls/BadgeNumber, iOS/Controls/Clipboard, iOS/Controls/ImagePicker, iOS/Framework/DateTimeExample, iOS/Framework/XMLExample, iOS/General/ShortcutExample, iOS/General/URLSchemas, iOS/Graphics/GraphicsPathExample, iOS/Navigation/ShowModal, iOS/Navigation/TabBarVisible, iOS/Navigation/Tabs, iOS/Networking/UDPSocket, Worker/WordCounter, Worker/PictureResizer.
62455ExamplesUpdated Web/Controls/ThreadProgress example to use WebThread and better show progress.
59420Language Reference » DocumentationFixed incorrect information in TextShape.FontUnit page description.
59784Language Reference » DocumentationAdded getter method to Clipboard.RawData page.
60155Language Reference » DocumentationClarified that MemoryBlock.LittleEndian is true on all currently supported platforms.
60821Language Reference » DocumentationFixed typo on OvalShape doc page.
60879Language Reference » DocumentationAdded Raspbian Buster to System Requirements for Pi.
60881Language Reference » DocumentationUpdated System Requirements to include Raspberry Pi OS.
61215Language Reference » DocumentationAdded clarification to ListBox.CellValueAt doc page.
61339Language Reference » DocumentationAdded a note to WebControl.Enabled to help with WebTimer usage.
61420Language Reference » DocumentationInformation on cookie expiration has been added to the WebCookieManager page in the Language Reference.
61453Language Reference » DocumentationAdd notes to the Timer class that for web projects, the WebTimer class should be used instead if the code needs to know in which session it's executing.
61487Language Reference » DocumentationAdded “Shell Differences on Windows” section to Shell page.
61548Language Reference » DocumentationUpdated docs for WebPagination.PageChanged event to indicate parameter is 1-based.
61568Language Reference » DocumentationThe WebBreadCrumb page in the Language Reference now correctly indicates that it is compatible with web projects only.
61570Language Reference » DocumentationThe index parameter, missing from the WebBreadCrumb.Pressed page of the Language Reference, has been documented.
61572Language Reference » DocumentationWebBreadCrumb.RowTagAt is now documented.
61582Language Reference » DocumentationThe FolderItem.Remove Language Reference page example that shows how to recursively delete the contents of a folder has been updated to API 2.0.
61585Language Reference » DocumentationCorrected link to WebDataSource on WebListBox.DataSource property page.
61651Language Reference » DocumentationCorrected doc page for SQLiteDatabase.Constructor(dbFile As FolderItem).
61821Language Reference » DocumentationSQLiteDatabase page now refers to DatabaseRow/DatabaseColumn instead of DatabaseRecord/DatabaseField.
61873Language Reference » DocumentationFixed typo on WebTimer.RunMode page.
61880Language Reference » DocumentationThe WebSession.ShowURL page has been deleted.
61887Language Reference » DocumentationAdded a Note to the Application page about a app icons with a link to the User Guide topic, which now notes that app icons must be 72dpi.
61891Language Reference » DocumentationWebGraphics.TextAlignment is now correctly documented as being of type TextAlignments.
61904Language Reference » DocumentationThe missing parameter for WebView.AddControl has been added to the documentation.
61906Language Reference » DocumentationWebListBoxRowData.Tag has been added to the documentation.
61918Language Reference » DocumentationWebRadioGroup.InitialValue is now correctly documented as read-only.
61945Language Reference » DocumentationString.Characters now correctly shows it was added in 2020r1.
61972Language Reference » DocumentationWebRequest.Entity and WebRequest.Status have been removed from the documentation.
62001Language Reference » DocumentationWebSession.ClientWidth and WebSession.ClientHeight have been documented.
62011Language Reference » DocumentationSince WebDeviceLocation is not yet supported for Web Framework 2.0, references to it have been removed from the documentation.
62251Language Reference » DocumentationThe error in the syntax example for TextEdit.AllowSpellChecking has been fixed.
62306Language Reference » DocumentationThe WebChart.RemoveDataSetAt link on the WebChart page of the Language Reference now correctly points to the WebChart.RemoveDatasetAt page.
62388Language Reference » DocumentationPicture.HandleType.iOSUIImage has been documented.
62405Language Reference » DocumentationTextArea.Multiline no longer shows as read-only in the docs, although changing it at runtime has no effect.
62544Language Reference » DocumentationWebFile doc page now uses GotoURL in sample code.
62685Language Reference » DocumentationWebSession.HeaderCount, PageCount and Secure are now shown as methods in the docs.
46 Docs and Examples