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Xojo 2019 Release 1 is now available with over 200 changes and improvements.

Major changes include:

  • Xcode 10.2 compatibility.
  • Significant improvements to performance of Layout Editor, especially with web projects.
  • Improvements to URLConnection: SendSync now works with threads, added a new HTTPStatus property, URLConnection also now appears in Library for desktop projects.
  • Free Pi license now builds for Console or Desktop.
  • Spell checking now also supported in TextArea on Linux.
  • Dynamic Constants are now referred to as Localized Strings.
  • General AutoComplete improvements.
  • SQLite updated to 3.26.0.

Release Notes

Bug Fixes (162 cases)

Case Area Description
54481 Fixed as a result of fixing 54023
54546 Build Build window buttons no longer overlap.
54615 Build iOS MinimumOSVersion plist key is now set to 10.0.
54959 Build Spaces in the fully qualified path name for the app being debugged no longer cause debug run issues on Windows.
54662 Crashes & Assertions » Failed Assertion Debugging 64-bit Windows apps no longer fails with a "Line number out of range" assertion in certain cases when stepping into functions.
54960 Crashes & Assertions » Failed Assertion Made it more obvious that the "Line number out of range" error *should* be reported and is non-fatal.
54067 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception Invalid application names no longer cause the IDE to raise an uncaught exception.
54294 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception Stopping an app from being sent to the Remote Debugger stub no longer causes a NilObjectException.
54486 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception OutOfBoundsException when generating a relative path no longer occurs.
54527 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception A NilObjectException no longer occurs when building a second time.
54528 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception A NilObjectException that could occur if you cancelled a run of the debugger has been fixed.
54560 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception Removing a line of code that is shown in the debugger then toggling the break point in the debugger no longer causes an exception.
54566 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception IDE no longer stops with a NilObjectException in some situations during launch.
54757 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception NilObjectException no longer occurs in some situations when debugging Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket.
54966 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception NilObjectException no longer occurs when configuring Remote Debugging on Windows.
55066 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception Fixed a NilObjectException that could occur when undoing a project item deletion.
55099 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception If the iOS app being started crashes on startup, before the IDE has had a chance to talk to it the communications channel can shut down and be Nil when we try to start talking to it. Now the IDE catches that error and puts a message about this in the message log.
55238 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception Fixed a crash caused by dropping a file onto the debugger tab's Navigator during a debug run.
54631 Database Plugins » MySQL MySQLCommunityServer: Editing a RecordSet, that originated from a PreparedStatement, no longer crashes (depending on certain field types on the Table).
52045 Database Plugins » ODBC Retrieving dates for macOS 64-bit builds now works correctly
52926 Database Plugins » ODBC For 64-bit Windows builds, updating a binary/image column with RecordSet.Update no longer fails with an invalid precision error.
55116 Database Plugins » SQLite SQLiteDatabase no longer crashes when out of memory situations arise, instead an error is raised.
54381 Framework Opening an OpenDialog from a thread now properly raises a ThreadAccessingUI exception.
43433 Framework » All When IndexOf is used for Variant arrays we now compare against the content of the two types instead of the memory addresses (except when dealing with Objects/Ptrs of course).
54315 Framework » All Listbox DrawReorderRows newPosition parameter is no longer off by one when dragging the last row and dropping it at the end.
54412 Framework » All Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket events are no longer raised on a pre-emptive thread, this would cause all sorts of random/odd behavior depending on the thread context switches.
54502 Framework » All Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket HTTP POST now properly sends the request content on Windows.
54811 Framework » All URLConnection Send requests are now closed before the ContentReceived or FileReceived events are called.
54820 Framework » All URLConnection string encoding for the Response headers are now consistent across platforms. Also updated the string encoding for the the content string, returned in ContentReceived, to adopt the content-type encoding (charset).
54902 Framework » All Window/Canvas Backdrop picture now draws correctly at HiDPI.
54924 Framework » All BitwiseXor is defined to return a Uint64 like BitwiseOr and BitwiseAnd.
54926 Framework » All Fixed a few incorrect uppercase/lowercase translations for the WindowsANSI encoding.
54927 Framework » All URLConnection now automatically handles compressed content-encodings on Windows and Linux (by decompressing for you like macOS does).
55093 Framework » All Assigning an empty array produces the correct empty array in the string version of the JSONItem.
54512 Framework » Linux URLConnection POST, PUT or PATCH request without any request content set is now correctly handled on Linux.
54870 Framework » Linux Getting the length of a string (using Len) with an unknown encoding now returns a consistent length across platforms.
54988 Framework » Linux StringShape rotation is no longer incorrectly offset.
55055 Framework » Linux Adding "Tab" as a Menu shortcut key no longer truncates the shortcut key to “T”.
31742 Framework » Web WebPopupMenu.ListCount is now a property instead of a method so that it appears in the debugger.
54463 Framework » Web Web apps running on Windows with clients running on iOS will now disconnect properly if the connection goes away for 5 seconds.
55072 Framework » Web App.AutoQuit works on Xojo Cloud again.
51627 Framework » Windows LR search obeys the preferences setting for Find (immediately or when enter return are pressed). When LR loads search results the scroll bars are momentarily hidden on Windows and restored when the list is finally filled.
53848 Framework » Windows On Windows/Linux, Picture resource files that cannot be accessed no longer causes the app to crash when that Picture is accessed.
54062 Framework » Windows Listbox hierarchical widgets and checkboxes no longer look blurry.
54190 Framework » Windows Fixed an issue where the TextArea Font size was not being respected on a secondary display (in a multi-monitor multi-resolution setup).
54392 Framework » Windows Using Graphics.DrawString with a dynamically installed font no longer crashes.
54503 Framework » Windows A disabled TextField control now inherits the default grey background color instead of appearing transparent.
54517 Framework » Windows GroupBox caption now respects the size, bold, italic and underline styles instead of being ignored when drawn.
54592 Framework » Windows URLConnection now correctly honors the timeout when SendSync is called (instead of always defaulting to 30 seconds).
54608 Framework » Windows URLConnection error messages are no longer empty on Windows.
54673 Framework » Windows When controls are initially created on a ContainerControl we no longer report the incorrect visible state.
54685 Framework » Windows URLConnection ReceivingProgressed event now correctly reports the totalBytes.
54689 Framework » Windows Listbox headers are no longer hidden when a Listbox is placed in a ContainerControl.
54743 Framework » Windows Changing the font of a TabPanel to a bigger/wider font size now correctly draws the last tab instead of it appearing overlapped by something.
54822 Framework » Windows URLConnection response headers are now updated correctly each time a request is made, where before subsequent requests would include outdated headers.
54907 Framework » Windows URLConnection picks up proxy settings correctly.
54945 Framework » Windows The background color of TextArea in the Windows IDE Layout Editor no longer appears in the bottom-right Scrollbar region (now matching the runtime behavior on Windows).
54946 Framework » Windows Clicking on the non-client areas (i.e. border or scrollbars) of the TextArea control no longer raises MouseDown events, this is consistent with the behavior on macOS.
55165 Framework » Windows Setting fixed ListBox ColumnWidths no longer raises floating point exceptions which could potentially crash the app depending on the system's FPU settings.
55322 Framework » Windows Fixed a potential crash on quit with Listboxes that contain Checkboxes or Hierarchical widgets.
43484 Framework » macOS Closing a Window no longer leaks memory.
54358 Framework » macOS Sheet windows obey customer defined background color again.
54410 Framework » macOS URLConnection.SendSync no longer intermittently returns empty strings.
54430 Framework » macOS RectControl.Transparent: this property is now ignored on macOS, i.e. all Controls are Transparent by default and will remain as such even if Transparent is False. This property still remains as an important optimization for Windows (when Transparent is False).
54969 Framework » macOS Destructors for class instances attached to the App object get destroyed properly.
54330 IDE Message Log no longer does queue flushing and all platforms use a similar style for showing the lines. You’ll only see the last 1500 but all the messages are there for when the debug session ends.
54752 IDE Odd error message saying "cant save to location %1" now says "location" instead of %1.
33045 IDE » Auto Complete Code Editor no longer suggests "as" after a = on a Dim line.
37458 IDE » Auto Complete Picture.HandleType, MenuItem.HandleType, iOSDatePicker and several other related enumerations now autocomplete properly.
54574 IDE » Auto Complete XojoScript.States autocompletes properly again.
43602 IDE » Build Automation The copy file step editor on Linux can accept files and folders by drag and drop again.
48373 IDE » Build Automation Stage Code can no longer be set to an invalid value in an IDE Script.
51257 IDE » Build Automation Added a second button to the copy file step editor command bar for adding folders.
27555 IDE » Code Editor Removing a property from a control class that is exposed in the Inspector Behavior will update the instances and refresh the Inspector.
30926 IDE » Code Editor Word selection behaves the same as in the other areas such as the Constant Editor.
32398 IDE » Code Editor Pressing TAB after changing the name of a Method, External Method or Delegate correctly focuses on the Parameters field again.
33990 IDE » Code Editor A right click on a webpage named in a session object will permit you to jump to the page itself in the IDE. See much longer explanation in the last note on this case about this as there are some special considerations when used with Me or Self.
50009 IDE » Code Editor Navigation with arrow keys behaves better and no long takes many many short jumps.
50465 IDE » Code Editor Autocomplete now does a better job with Xojo framework items to make sure that it looks up things from the Xojo framework rather than the global framework. For example, Xojo.IO.FolderItem vs. just FolderItem.
51136 IDE » Code Editor Scroll bars hide when appropriate, especially after deleting a really long line.
51292 IDE » Code Editor Breakpoint code editor icons no longer disappear when you delete a line and the breakpoint has just moved up.
51327 IDE » Code Editor Windows IDE: Pressing Ctrl+C in the code editor, while nothing is selected, no longer inserts a line continuation character.
51366 IDE » Code Editor Pair literal is correctly colored.
51452 IDE » Code Editor Extract method dialog no longer incorrectly rejects names that start with "ins”.
53199 IDE » Code Editor Clicking a URL will show the URL on mouse up not mouse down.
53820 IDE » Code Editor When selecting "goto <control name>" in the code editor contextual menu you get taken to it as expected.
54023 IDE » Code Editor Breakpoint and bookmarks are not dropped inadvertently when setting one, deleting some text and then moving away and back to the code item.
54241 IDE » Code Editor Made it so the plain text of copied code has indentations.
54263 IDE » Code Editor Clicking on the block grouping lines selects the right lines.
54318 IDE » Code Editor Double clicking a word behaves properly.
54321 IDE » Code Editor Nested code that is completed using super-returns (Shift-Return) does the nested items properly.
54331 IDE » Code Editor Computed properties setter and getter local variables behave correctly with autocomplete.
54408 IDE » Code Editor Autocomplete suggestions are properly working again.
54548 IDE » Code Editor IDE script editor window responds to the scale factor changed event correctly.
54572 IDE » Code Editor The line continuation character is colored appropriately.
55169 IDE » Constant Editor Constant editor now supports Cut, Copy & Paste in the localized value cell.
50298 IDE » Debugger Debugger only shows left and right for Pairs.
54353 IDE » Debugger IDE draws the bug icon for an exception at runtime over the hit box instead of under it.
54911 IDE » Debugger IDE on Windows will send a 32-bit macOS app and will continue to not send 64-bit macOS apps since the Windows IDE cannot build them.
54798 IDE » FileIO IDE no longer forgets the original format of a project when a license is missing and then subsequently installed.
55122 IDE » FileIO Importing a web page that is named the same as an existing one replaces as it should (this has always been the case and is by design).
54886 IDE » FileTypes Editor Delete button now enables when you put focus in a File Type of a File Type Set in an existing project.
54887 IDE » FileTypes Editor Odd left and right scrolling no longer occurs.
55009 IDE » FileTypes Editor File Type Set Editor scrolls as expected with a long list of file types that have been collapsed.
55010 IDE » FileTypes Editor Slowness when collapsing and expanding a long list of File Type Set is fixed.
26997 IDE » Find & Replace Some search and replace fixes: internal script steps can be searched and replacements work, copy files steps can be searched (replace does not work at this time), external script steps can be searched (replace does not work at this time).
51036 IDE » Find & Replace Selecting a Structure in the search results jumps to the right instance in the Navigator.
54346 IDE » Find & Replace Using search and replace to change the type of an array property no longer removes the array declaration.
54462 IDE » Find & Replace Event definitions don’t change scope.
54479 IDE » Find & Replace Scroll position resets when new search results are added to the search panel.
54480 IDE » Find & Replace The search results list no longer clears when you switch the scope indicator when there is a special search result set showing.
54734 IDE » Find & Replace Find and replace of an Enumeration’s first or last line no longer alters the name of the enumeration.
54915 IDE » Image Editor Dragging an ICNS file into the IDE no longer causes a crash.
52198 IDE » Inspector PagePanel inspector panes don’t change from the first click to the second.
52491 IDE » Inspector The method name combobox includes names from all the interfaces as well as from the interfaces that may be aggregated.
54225 IDE » Inspector Tabbing in the method editor moves properly in either the in window or floating versions.
54335 IDE » Inspector Combobox now properly handles Edit menu items (i.e. Copy, Cut, Paste, Select All) like TextField does.
54357 IDE » Inspector The existing constant value is retained in both boolean and color items in the Inspector.
54401 IDE » Inspector HTMLViewer tabstop state remains as set.
54426 IDE » Inspector Assigning a constant for both Color and Boolean properties now suggests a better initial constant name. If a constant is already assigned and you try to assign one again then the existing name appears in the text field.
54498 IDE » Inspector Constant for width and height of a control works again.
54573 IDE » Inspector iOS simulators that are using iOS versions < 10, the minimum version we support, won’t show in the list of available simulators.
54582 IDE » Inspector Duplicating a subclassed web control instance on a web page works as expected.
54484 IDE » Layout Editor Popup editor for lists is readable in dark mode.
54583 IDE » Layout Editor Editing a web container now properly updates any layouts containing the web container.
54944 IDE » Layout Editor Changing the text area border, scrollbar horizontal and scrollbar vertical properties causes the IDE to display the change.
55214 IDE » Layout Editor WebContainers without styles draw their bottom/right edges again.
53924 IDE » Library Library description updates its colors when switching between light and dark mode on macOS Mojave.
55143 IDE » Library The Library no longer changes layouts when you first click on it.
25076 IDE » Miscellaneous Find no longer automatically selects the first result. Pressing Find Next (Command+g) at this point selects the first find result. Subsequent Find Next’s move to the next search results (or error or message depending on what’s showing). Find Previous (Command+Shift+g) is also now working.
25140 IDE » Miscellaneous Tabs now show "multiple selection" a lot less often.
28397 IDE » Miscellaneous Make it so double-clicking a group row (constants, method, events, etc.) will expand it if it is not expanded and will collapse it if it is expanded.
29596 IDE » Miscellaneous IDE shows DebugLog messages sent by web apps.
31725 IDE » Miscellaneous When a file is saved the autosave items are removed so we don’t end up in the weird state of having an autosaved version of the project that is older than the file just saved. Note this does have the side effect of making it so the sequence of alter project, run, save, run requires a new autosave version to be created.
44352 IDE » Miscellaneous Implementing an interface in a module works properly.
49301 IDE » Miscellaneous Individual missing image asset elements can now be resolved.
53635 IDE » Miscellaneous We no longer reclone the custom toolbar all the time.
54025 IDE » Miscellaneous Default export type is the same as the user’s preference, if suitably licensed, or binary if not.
54351 IDE » Miscellaneous Multiple projects dragged onto the IDE icon load properly.
54493 IDE » Miscellaneous Text in the Image Set editor shows as expected.
54501 IDE » Miscellaneous The main default web page in a web project can be an external item.
54522 IDE » Miscellaneous IDE scripts no longer increment non-release version twice.
54562 IDE » Miscellaneous Windows/Linux menu keyboard shortcuts are now deferred to the main window instead of any floating windows that may exist, which matches macOS behavior.
54623 IDE » Miscellaneous IDE no longer doubles up the name of a parameter that follows a continuation character in the parameters field of a code item.
54714 IDE » Miscellaneous When opening a project, tabs are resized to fit their captions.
54783 IDE » Miscellaneous Text in the update dialog is readable when the row is selected.
54806 IDE » Miscellaneous Images Sets that share a common picture for any of their available resolutions no longer cause Collect Project to fail.
54838 IDE » Miscellaneous Messages icon for Messages panel has a badge that displays the count of new messages.
54912 IDE » Miscellaneous Aliases in a build folder are not resolved so that only the alias is removed and not the target of the alias.
55033 IDE » Miscellaneous Bad cursor file no longer causes a NilObjectException.
55034 IDE » Miscellaneous The IDE no longer crashes when certain files are dropped onto it.
54034 IDE » Navigator Changing the type of an Enum updates the row text in the Navigator.
54328 IDE » Navigator If you right click a single item in the Navigator and select "Inspect" then it actually goes to that item not one named the same thing.
54383 IDE » Navigator Invoking a delete using the contextual menu in the Navigator with the focus in a code editor no longer clears the focus and sets it back to the item that was being edited before the contextual menu was invoked.
54721 IDE » Navigator Case changes to Inspector properties update the Navigator.
54980 IDE » Navigator Opening and closing the preferences no longer causes visible method rows to recompute their text incorrectly.
55327 IDE » Preferences Preference for showing built apps now shows Finder, Explorer or Desktop Manager for macOS, Windows or Linux, respectively.
53576 IDE » Rendering Constants used for container control background colors work as expected in the layout editor and at runtime.
51737 IDE » Scripting IDE scripting will not create properties or constants that are named the same as existing ones.
54733 IDE » Uploader » Xojo Cloud Xojo Cloud apps which immediately redirect to HTTPS using a 301 or 302 redirect are now recognized properly by the IDE.
28887 IDE » Web Page Editor ScrollbarsVisible is in the Inspector for web containers as expected.
27611 IDE » Window Editor Sometimes loading a project would result in colors being misinterpreted on load. Existing projects that have this issue wont be magically fixed but saving a project should no longer cause this issue to occur.

Changes (25 cases)

Case Area Description
54594 Database Plugins » SQLite SQLite plugin has been updated to version 3.26.0.
32344 Framework » All The buffer size on SSLSocket has been increased to 256K.
54467 Framework » All URLConnection.SendSync now yields to other threads.
54593 Framework » All MenuItem.Action event now gets triggered first (instead of last) so that it is called before any menu handlers get a chance to handle it.
54842 Framework » All Attempting to use a Graphics object outside its intended Paint event (i.e. after the Paint event has finished) now raises an exception.
54841 Framework » Linux No longer emits non-fatal GTK+ messages.
37004 IDE If you drag an image from a Finder window onto an iOS layout you get an Image View added to the layout with the image imported into the project.
54370 IDE When a 32 bit only ActiveX control is imported to a project the sources generated have an appropriate guard to warn people about compiling as 64 bit (which compiles but results in an app that crashes).
37045 IDE » Auto Complete The Session object in a web project works properly in autocomplete.
16536 IDE » Code Editor Script editor window has a proxy icon on macOS.
54866 IDE » Constant Editor The “Dynamic” label for a Constant is now called "Localized” to better indicate that these “constants” are really localized strings.
34125 IDE » Find & Replace Command line arguments will be searched as part of find.
54488 IDE » Find & Replace Special searches for bookmarks and break points show in the search history listing.
53774 IDE » Inspector Inspector Properties are in more or less alphabetical order within each grouping. But it’s not strictly alphabetical - as some things make more sense to be functionally grouped.
55188 IDE » Inspector Inspector switch controls no longer have the words ON & OFF drawn on them.
53864 IDE » Layout Editor The layout editor experience when dragging and resizing controls has been improved.
54317 IDE » Layout Editor Web Controls now render in HiDPI when they are being dragged on a HiDPI layout editor.
23136 IDE » Miscellaneous Certain controls, like Timer on desktop projects, thread and timer in iOS projects, will, when added to a layout, have those events already added since it would be unusual to add one and not add the event.
31909 IDE » Miscellaneous A new section appears in the Navigator for "Localized Strings", known as dynamic constants, so it’s clearer that Localized strings are not "constants" as they actually end up being methods when compiled. As such they cannot be used as default parameters in method declarations of default values for properties, etc.
53605 IDE » Miscellaneous Windows IDE: 32-bit ActiveX controls can now be accessed and used in your projects. Note: This does not mean you can use them in your 64-bit builds unless the ActiveX control also has a 64-bit part.
54722 IDE » Miscellaneous Implement Interface window properly disambiguates between fully qualified interface names and relative ones.
54797 IDE » Miscellaneous Constant, Enumeration and Structure editors now use the preference setting for "use large font”.
55316 IDE » Miscellaneous IDE can now enumerate iOS simulators from Xcode 10.2.
45288 IDE » Navigator A String constant pasted into an iOS project will now be turned into a Text constant.
54385 IDE » Navigator Switching the Navigator/Library between floating palette and within the Workspace now does a better job of presenting the same views that were previously open.

New Items (9 cases)

Case Area Description
54299 Build 32-bit Windows apps can also set HiDPI and supported windows versions items in the manifest.
54726 Framework » All URLConnection.HTTPStatusCode property now available. This contains the HTTP status code as a result of both Send and SendSync calls.
54209 Framework » Linux Spell checking is now supported in TextArea on Linux.
54207 Framework » Windows AutomaticallyCheckSpelling is now supported in TextArea on Windows 8 or newer.
54612 Framework » iOS Added Text.EndOfLine which returns the EndOfLine character for the current platform (Mac, Windows, Linux and iOS).
54697 IDE » Layout Editor The contextual menu presented in the Layout editor has a "Find" item when you click on the layout or controls and it actually does the right find of those items.
54682 IDE » Library URLConnection appears in library similar to TCPSocket.
55125 IDE » Miscellaneous Can select properties, computed or regular, and convert them into method getter / setter pairs. This won’t alter the semantics of your code (ie/ a computed that only had a setter wont suddenly get a setter method). Computed properties with neither a get or set are not touched since the correct "pair" is to have neither which makes their conversion appear to just delete the item.
39078 IDE » Navigator A right click on a class in the Navigator has a new contextual menu to jump to a specific subclass.

Docs and Examples (22 cases)

Case Area Description
54539 Documentation Updated text for International doc page.
54840 Documentation Cleaned up the RuntimeException page so there is only a single Stack method and added the Reason property.
54908 Documentation Added missing WebMenuItem.Insert method and page to docs.
55068 Documentation URLConnection.Error event parameter name fixed.
55071 Documentation Removed Examples/Sample Applications/EddiesElectronics/Read Me.rtf file as it was out of date.
55288 Documentation Updated SQLitePreparedStatement page to indicate that a prepared statement only executes the first SQL command of a multi-command SQL.
54655 Examples Added example to show how to load an external iOS library: Examples/iOS/Declare/Load External Frameworks
54170 Language Reference » Documentation Tooltips for methods on Text page are now correct.
54490 Language Reference » Documentation Fixed an error in the Window method “Get Frontmost” window sample code.
54532 Language Reference » Documentation Using a negative step value with DownTo is sort of like a double negative and is not supported. I’ve updated the doc page to make this clear. Only use positive step values when using DownTo.
54671 Language Reference » Documentation Updated Xojo.Core.Date.FromText page to indicate that a RuntimeError is raised if the input text cannot be parsed.
54680 Language Reference » Documentation Added a link to Unicode Date formats to the Xojo.Core.Date.FromText page.
54712 Language Reference » Documentation Added newinversion tag to Enumerations that were added relatively recently. Updated Enumerations template to not show newinversion when it is not provided.
54732 Language Reference » Documentation Arrays topic now appears in local LR.
54819 Language Reference » Documentation Clarified that a date starts at 1904-01-01 00:00:00.
54823 Language Reference » Documentation Added note that Object2D.Rotation method only rotates when applied after all objects have been added.
54863 Language Reference » Documentation InvalidArgumentException is actually Xojo.Core.InvalidArgumentException. Updated the doc page and added a redirect so that InvalidArgumentException goes to Xojo.Core.InvalidArgumentException.
54884 Language Reference » Documentation Slight clarification description and notes for Application.NonReleaseVersion.
54899 Language Reference » Documentation Fixed incorrect text on Pragma Directives page for BoundsChecking and StackOverflowChecking.
54967 Language Reference » Documentation Documentation short description updated to say, as it does in the body, that the dialog is similar to an open-file dialog.
55263 Language Reference » Documentation FolderItem.LastErrorCode page now as additional information for finding details about MacOS error codes.
55281 Language Reference » Documentation CurrentMethodName page now indicates the constant is a Text on iOS and a String elsewhere.